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by Baby Huey

DISHFUL OF METAL- Food talk, savory recipes and....metal reviews. Hey, it works. by DJ Baby Huey

It's finally that time. After tens of days of waiting, it's the end of the month. That means many, many things to many, many people. palassard.jpgTo me, it means payday is 3 short days away (can I get a fuck yeah from the congregation?). To you... well, frankly I don't give a shit what YOU think it means to you. To you, it means you get not only a mouthwatering recipe, but you also get my monthly metal review. These reviews are strictly my opinion and are gleaned from what I've received this month at the radio station. I'll post the recipe first, because I'm quite sure you don't really give a shit WHAT I think about metal.

I will preface this recipe by saying it is untested. It is an approximation of the huevos rancheros recipe from Elmo's Diner in Durham, NC. I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty good at getting these things pretty close. Trust me on this -- 6 or 7 gin and tonics on a Friday night, and nothing will ever taste as good as those huevos will.

Stay tuned for next month's recipes as well -- since it's October, every recipe will feature pumpkin in a prominent role, both savory and sweet.

Huevos Rancheros

2 12" flour tortilla
1 14 oz can black beans, drained and rinsed. 1 1/2 c salsa roja, recipe follows
1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese
4 eggs
1 tomato, diced
4 green onions, chopped

Put a tortilla on the plate. Place half of the sauce on each and spread it out like you're making a pizza. Top that with the black beans that you have seasoned with salt and pepper (again, half on each tortilla). Split the cheese between each, and put under the broiler until the cheese is melted.

Top that with 2 eggs each, cooked however you like 'em (the diner defaults to scrambled, but I prefer mine fried over easy. Top with the tomatoes and green onions and soak up all that evil demon alcohol.

Salsa Roja
1 14 oz jar medium salsa
1 6 oz can tomato paste
1 c tomato juice

Throw all of that in a pot and cook it down till it's about the consistency of pizza sauce.

And now, on to the monthly metal wrap-up. This is obviously just a glimpse into what I've reviewed in the last month or so.

Favorite album:
Unearth - III: In the Eyes of Fire
Metal Blade Records

These guys are part that whole New England hardcore/thrash blend that really doesn't get my motor running. However, these guys have something here. Since frontman Trevor
Phipps started Ironclad Records last year, I expected this album to be kinda phoned in. I was wrong though. The riffs on this record are worth the purchase price alone. In particular, check out "Sanctity of Brothers" -- the riff was stuck in my head for a goddamned week.

log.jpgAlbum to play if you need to start a fight:
Lamb of God - Sacrament
Epic Records

In 2003, Lamb of God came out with As the Palaces Burn. I was not impressed. Gotta admit. It was middling metal, guys with potential but that hadn't really found their sound. All my friends had hardons for these guys -- especially their live show. I didn't buy it, and didn't give them much of a second thought.

Then, in 2004, Ashes of the Wake came out and things, as they say, took a turn. They have an incredibly unique tone on their guitars, and like them or not, I've never met someone who didn't appreciate that. Randy Blythe's vocals were aggressive, the drums perfect.

Sacrament came out earlier this month (or late in August, so what if I don't remember, bite me). Kind of a logical progression. The guitars are still there. The drumming is still there. The big change is Randy's vocals -- it's as if he is a man possessed by Phil Anselmo himself (minus the whole racist douchebag thing Anselmo has going on). The first single, "Redneck" makes me want beat the crap out of someone.

Album I wouldn't have listened if I didn't have to but still enjoyed:

Ankla - Steep Trails
Bieler Brothers Records

These guys, formerly of Puya, remind me quite a bit of mid-to-late 90s Sepultura. Except, you know, they sing in Spanish, not Portuguese. It's kind of got that bombastic percussive feel you get from Latin music which I really like. The songs are heavy, and yet they still groove, which is fuggin awesome. I'm not going to write anything else about this, because I'm a computer guy, not a writer, dammit.

Pleasant surprise of the month:

Mötörhead - Kiss of Death
Sanctuary Records

This album was such a great surprise. Think about some of the greats of old metal still putting out records. Iron Maiden? Still got it, but they've lost a step or two. Judas Priest? Definitely not at the top of their game. Motorhead, however, is still kicking ass, and Kiss of Death is proof positive of this. Lemmy's voice sounds exactly the same as it did on Ace of Spades. The riffs are still fun, fast, and angry. I don't know how much more I can say other than "it's Motorhead. It's Lemmy. Just listen" so I'll finish with that.

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Have been meaning to check out Lamb of God for a while now. Now I will definetely try to get some of their stuff. Thanks!



start with ashes of the wake. that'll get your motor running for them. now that i've listened to that, i can go back and listen to as the palaces burn. if you're looking for a complete picture, their first album was released in 1998. They were called "Burn the Priest" at that time.


i don't know if i should turn on the stove or turn on the stereo

i feel like Bob Barker telling people to spay their pets while spinning the wheel cause an old granny can't do it herself.


Ankla sounds up my alley, not so sure about Lamb of God. I'm definitely going to pick up the new Motorhead.


dude. lemmy is the man. and huevos rancheros are my favorite. and i've been missing the salsa roja.

thanks, doll. oh ya and burn the priest rocks too.


I liked BTP, then they changed to lamb of god and I didn't realize it (thought they were two distinct bands, wasn't paying attention) and never really dug on LoG. Meh. I've made up for it.


feel the same. good history lesson here.


Nice one! Best one yet! I've heard good stuff about the Motorhead but havne't heard it yet. Me and Huevos Rancheros are old buddies too.

I've seen Maiden and Priest a few times each and you're right on both counts. Halford just can't hit the notes he used to. They can both still put off a good show though. Fuck it, I used to visit my grandparents until they died too.


Fuck it, I used to visit my grandparents until they died too.

HAHAHA holy shit you owe me a new keyboard.


I *heart* mexican food.

Motorhead, not so much.


bwahahahaha dan i'm fully stealing that line...




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