That Must Hurt
by Dan Greene

Today I’m thinking about those things that make you squirm with discomfort in yours eat. Every now and then you’ll come across a good scene that you can almost feel just from watching – empathetic and sadistic at once, your mind tells you not to look but you find yourself looking closer. We’re all desensitized from years of watching violence, but every now and then we’ll catch a gem that makes the most jaded of us think, “That’s fucked up”. Or maybe even, “That’s fucked up. That must really hurt. That must be so fucking agonizing…….”

So here are a few notable scenes of unbearable pain I’ve enjoyed watching over the years.

tendon.jpgPet Sematary

This is one of the better examples of Stephen King books that have been put to film. It’s about a guy whose kid gets run over by a transport truck, so he resurrects him by burying him in the local magic Indian burial ground (these are actually surprisingly commmon in New England but you need to know who to ask). Of course the ground is tainted, and what comes back to you isn’t what you knew before. The guy’s kid comes back as a little fucking menace, and that kid stirs up some shit to remind us all that bringing the dead back to life is hardly ever a good idea.

The best part is when he goes after the nice old man across the road. He lures the old guy (played by Fred Gwynne, that’s Herman Munster to you younguns) up to the bedroom and hides under the bed. Fred Munster gets on his hands and knees to look for the kid, and said kid comes up behind him and slices through the Achilles tendon on the old man’s leg. The Achilles tendon is the one at the back of your leg, right on top of the heel. That semi-soft, flexible ropey thing right on top of your heelbone. Reach down and feel for it. Got it? Keeping it attached to your heel is essential if you want to walk and/or avoid excruciating pain. Think about it for a second. Give that tendon a squeeze. If you squeeze it laterally, it doesn’t take much pressure before it feels pretty uncomfortable. It feels like it’s under a certain amount of tension too, doesn’t it? If you were to sever that thing, it seems that that tendon might just whip back into your calf and give the tissue on the inside of your leg a nice little towel snap. That wouldn’t be pleasant at all and you’re well advised to avoid such things.

Not in the cards for the old man though. Scalpel into the back of his foot. Nice and slow - although it’s all relative, I suppose. The little fucker didn’t slash right through it, but he took a second or two and did it right. The look on the old man’s face is just classic too. It’s one of those “oh shit” looks, but he was probably in too much pain to see, feel or think anything except for a blinding, overwhelming and hyper-real sense of pain that was overloading his brain. Good times.

hellbox.jpg Hellraiser

My first exposure to the genius of Clive Barker was when I read one of his earliest books, The Damnation Game. One part of that book sticks with me today and it really belongs on film. A few dead guard dogs were Raised From The Dead to defend their owner. But they were halfway rotted, and being dogs, they smelled (their own rotting) meat wherever they went. They didn’t feel pain when they ate the rotten flesh hanging off their own bodies… corpses. One of the dogs had a large wound in his neck, so when he ate pieces of himself, the chewed up pieces fell out of the neckhole and onto the ground. So he picked them up and ate them again. Now that’s cool.

But what about Hellraiser?

“The box.”

“Take it, it’s yours…….. it always was.”

There are too many good parts in this movie so I’ll stick mostly with the beginning, when the box is first opened by Frank Cotton. See, Frank was a bit of a dirty boy and he wanted to experience every sensual pleasure that life had to offer. So he bought a magic box purported to show you exactly that. He opens the box, and a multitude of hooks start pulling him open. I’ve had regular old fishhooks stuck in me lots of times, more often in the back of the neck than anywhere else. It’s never that bad but it’s not comfortable. The thing about those hooks is that they’re just the beginning for anyone who feels them. They’re just a tiny indication of the approaching experience’s intensity. Besides, if you open that box on purpose then you asked for it, didn’t you? You wanted a sensual experience, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU??? Of course you did. Now your soul is going to get torn apart. You should have just stayed home and beat off.

What about the process where Frank has to rebuild his body from the corpses of others in order to escape the Cenobites and return to this dimension? That process took a while, and he spent a lot of time in various stages of, um, disrepair. Crawling around the attic with his organs dragging on the ground, probably picking up dust and dead spiders and shit. Eventually he has enough muscle tissue formed that he can stand up and walk around, but the he still has no skin. Nobody likes an open wound but this guy’s entire body was skinless. Think about how it would feel to be skinned alive, and then think of it in reverse. Think about how a scab itches, and then think about your whole body itching like that. Well at least it’s healing.

mday.jpgMother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a Troma Video masterpiece and I’ll have to give it more space at another time. If you’re not familiar, Troma is an independent video company that mainly makes cheap horror movies. More than a few of them suck ass, but some of them are great and I’m glad Troma exists to make the good ones. Like this one!

Three girls go camping in the woods and are kidnapped by a couple of crazy backwoods dullards and their crazy Mom (not before they go skinny dipping though, don’t worry). There’s this escape scene where one of the girls is lowering her friend out of a second storey window in a sleeping bag attached to a rope. When one of the captors walks by, she has to keep her friend suspended in the bag for a minute or so. That rope’s been digging into her hand already, and the longer that fucking guy stands there, the more the rope is slowly spinning and digging its way into the flesh of her hand. But if she makes a sound their chances are shot, and by the time the guy finally moves away, there’s no flesh left for the rope to dig into. That minute takes an eternity. This movie is low budget but those guys knew what they were doing with their money. That rope scene looks fucking excruciating.

So come on, these aren’t all of my favorites and I know I missed a lot of yours. Those little bits and pieces that you love not being able to turn away from. What are they?

Ramones - Pet Sematary


Nice post. Your description of the Pet Sematary scene is spot on. That made me shudder.

Off the top of my head-

The scene in Dead Alive with Lionel mowing down the zombies.

The Hitcher - when the girlfriend is split by the trucks. Even though it happens off camera, you know what is happening. The horror is more in Rutger Hauer's actions then in the actual death.


The scene in the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, where Leatherface puts the dude on the meathook. It's not new, but the way they did it ... just amazingly intense. The sound (and lack of soundtrack noise!) and his reaction and the blood dripping and the piano thing ... awesome.

In Hostel, the scene where the guy takes the blow torch to the Japanese girl ... that was rough.

And speaking of that, another Eli Roth movie, Cabin Fever, has a great squirm scene. When one of the chicks is sick in bed and that dude from Boy Meets World starts feeling her up and then there's all this squisy mess from her decomposing legs ... nice.

And there are so many.


The Hitcher was a great movie. I've got to watch that one again, it's been too long. Thanks Michele.

TCMassacre had some really good scenes like that one, Cullen. I hated that they showed Leatherface's deformed face; they didn't need to do that and it added unnecessary logic to a situation that should have remained incomprehensible. Great remake though, especially considering how many lacklustre efforts there have been lately.

Funny enough, I left out that exact scene from Cabin Fever because that movie deserves more attention on its own.


Great medical sketch in the pics too, thanks a lot for finding it. Nice one.


That medical pic was turtle's idea. He's good at that.

Was Cabin Fever really that good? I never watched it because I thought it was just another in a long line of recent horror crapfests.


Run don't walk. Get Cabin Fever. Open sores and pus everywhere, lots of panic, that whole human condition in the face of danger thing.
It's got two guys from Detroit Rock City in it too!


Cool. This is the time of year I start looking for horror movies I haven't seen (or haven't thought of in a long time) for Halloween viewing.


Oh, I loved Cabin Fever. I was working at a video store at the time and the patrons that I "trusted," I recommended the film to. Those who I felt were average film viewers, I didn't recommend it to ... and went as far as to tell them that they wouldn't like it. Because many of them just didn't understand the true nature of the horror.

Having worked as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical NCO for my former military detachment, this movie scared the shit out of me because this could so easily happen.


ya i'm one of those watch it throught the cracks of your fingers type girl.

i have a love/hate relationship with scary movies.

anything that comes from under the bed sucks.


The Hitcher is also one of my all time faves. A fantastic illustration of the psychological school of horror instead of graphic gore.

I also thought Seven was a great one. Maybe a little modern, a little Hollywood, but pretty cool. What's that you got in the hatbox pal? A hat? Uhm...nope.


The scene in Children of the Corn where they use the deli-sllicer. Ug. Every time I go to the grocery store to get some sandwich meat I remember that scene. Get it out of my head please.

Not the best King movie adaption but that scene is seared into my brain, unfortunately.


Whoa, Cullen has the familiarity angle going with Cabin Fever. That must make it better/worse/scarier for sure.

Seven was gruesome as hell and Children Of The Corn is not mentioned as often as it should be. That's a good one, I just watched it about a week ago.


The scene in 2,000 Maniacs where they roll the couple down the hill in the barrels with nails hammered into them. That was nice.


Cullen - Two Thousand Maniacs is a master's course in cringe. Every death in that movie makes me tense up slightly, even after seeing it a hundred times.

The only thing that's really made me cringe recently was Takashi Miike's "Audition". The last twenty minutes have to be seen to be believed, but you don't want to watch because the cringe factor is so high. It's an amazing film.


One of my favorite, all-time cringe scenes is in Misery, where Kathy Bates' character puts a wooden beam between James Caan's character's ankles. She then slams one of the ankles with a big ole sledgehammer...The way that ankle looked like pulled taffy...yowch!


Sithmonkey, I completely agree! I was thinking about writing that in also.


dude i forgot to say.




Nice site, man. I'm a fan of horror movies, as well, although more than 75% of them suck ass.

I have a couple images in my mind, at the moment, and they both deal with slicing and dicing...and also crushing. "Ghost Ship," when the dinner party gets sliced by the high-pressure wire and the little girl goes up to the captain, "Cap'n?" and then blood does dribble from his mouth and his upper torso slides ever-so slowly from his legs. Which then, obviously, collapse, go "ker-plunk." Another image that is tattooed into my crocidile brain is the kid's death--at the dentist--in "Final Destination." He couldn't escape his Reaper, the dumbass. The crane operator gets startled by the pigeons and lets loose of his controls. Whatever immensely-heavy construct he is craning, falls to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the brat is Ground Zero and is crushed in half, the painful way. One more image and I'll go: In "Thirteen Ghosts" (crappy movie, I know) when the guy is caught between the sliding glass doors. Look, kids! There's his liver! And his kidneys! And the way his divided corpse slides to the floor. Uh, icky.


Adam, I just saw this now. Thanks for stopping by. We all love horror over here!

13 Ghosts did indeed have some good scenes. Not the best but I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.


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