FTTW Site News
by Michele Christopher

First, we would like to remind you of the FTTW Halloween Fiction Contest. Details can be found here, but keep in mind that the deadline entry - October 20 - is creeping up on you. You know you've got a scary story just waiting to be put on paper (err..screen). So get writing and get entering.

We've added quite a few new writers to the already impressive FTTW staff. Yesterday we debuted Deb's hockey column, I'll See You on the Ice. Thursday saw the debut of Keith's roller coaster column, The Lift Hill. Today we have a sci-fi column that will become a regular feature and tomorrow look for the debut of "My Life as a Vermont Drag Queen." We have some reader submissions coming up soon, including talk of cars and Star Wars and the music industry. Got something you want to write about? There's always room for more here at FTTW. Check out the submission guideline page and send us your ideas/proposals/articles.

If you remember, I mentioned the Boobiethon a few weeks ago, a breast cancer awareness fundraiser. Why don't you stop over there today and pledge a few dollars to a very worthy cause?

Be sure to check back tonight for Produced By's column - he scored an interview with a Real Hollywood Writer. Good stuff.

Last - be prepared for big changes around here very soon. FTTW is getting bigger and better and we're going to introduce a new format to better serve the needs of both our writers and readers. Coming very, very soon.

Questions, comments, undying praise for the staff of FTTW? Leave 'em here.

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