suite surrender part III
by Michele Christopher

the hot water runs into the bathtub as i take my glasses off and set them next to the sink.

i reach down and grab the heel of my left boot. i pull it off and toss it through the bathroom doorway and into the suite. i do the same with the other boot. i unbutton the top button on my jacket, then the second and third. i slip off the jacket revealing the black lace bra and let the jacket fall to the floor. unzip the side zipper on the pants and coax them off leaving them lie on the white tile next to the jacket.shoebettie.JPG

i stand in front of the mirror in the matching bra, thong, garter belt and stockings. i look good for thirty four. damn good. i twist slightly to check my ass in the mirror. thank god for the gym. i would've died for this full ass in high school. god gave me everything just a bit too late. or right on time, depending on how you're looking at it.

i prop my foot on the toilet to unclasp my left stocking from the garter. first front, then back. i slide the stocking down my full, toned calf and off the heel and down the pointed toe. i switch feet and do the same with the right. the stockings pile on top the clothes and then the garter.

the mirror steams up from the bath water so that my figure is barely visible.

i bend over the tub and the tap squeaks three times as i turn off the hot water. facing the tub i reach behind my back to unclasp the bra and i let it fall to the floor. i bend over and slip off the panties, straighten up and let them slide off my finger and drop onto the floor.

i step into the tub and breathe a sigh of relief as my ass and then back ease into the hot bubbly water.

i relax and let the possibility of what is to happen slide into my mind. however this evening works out will be amazing. there is no bad choice. this has been a long time coming. all the players are in peak performance, no ties, no lies. the evening stretches out before me in all it's splendor and if i weren't in the tub i would be able to feel the wetness between my legs. you never have to guess when i'm excited.

i look down at my tits. again, they look fucking fantastic for my age. shit, for any age. thank god i never changed my full b's. they still sit just as high as ever. i brush the suds away to get a better look. it's chilly on the top side of the water so my nipples are in perfect form. quarter sized areolas tilted ever so slightly outward. pencil eraser sized nipples. odd comparison, but that's what they look like. ticonderoga dixon ends. perfect.

i grab my breasts with my hands and smile as i hear the click of the automatic lockā€¦


kali writes daily at Kalipornia Sux and is a big proponent of overtipping bellboys



Nice work. You know what I mean!


imma gonna say what everyone is thinking cause I do that

is someone gonna get fucked here or not?


And what's wrong with bathtub exploration, Turtle?



as everyone knows, natural lubrication gets stifled by a soap and water combination that only leads to self bought store made lubrication that only adds to child labor in Vietnam making you "Astro Glide" for you cause you were to god damn lazy to pull privates before you got in the water.

Communism = Lubrication

When all the Chinese had their little red books, whats one thing they all had inside of them?


Red Lube.

Kinda like Red Dawn but without Mr. Patrick Swayze

See, this is why I don't talk about poltics on here


no penetration in bathtubs or hottubs.

and spit is the only lubrication.


see kali knows the dry rub of the communist lubrication not being there in a bathtub

its like chairman mao staring over you saying this will not work without my Red Lube

i'm just being weird today



Kali, sometimes - depending on what you are doing - spit just doesn't cut it.


i think you are a latent homosocialist



I've noticed you have been talking alot about out new product Red Lube. We feel that you have a market for our product. We would like to ask you for a few minutes of your time to explain how we think our communist lubricant can better help fulfil your readers needs while better expanding the communist manifesto. Feel free to call us at anytime to discuss advertising costs.


Chairman Mao used it so why can't you?


ass sex is for pussies. wait, that doesn't make any sense.

aw hell, ya even i have used lube for anal.


chairman mao liked ass sex?


chairman mao liked ass sex?

He was a communist.


commies don't like ass sex?

communist ass sex!

that would be a great name for a band


Maybe he liked ass sex a little too much.

But commies don't like that stuff, in theory. Did you ever see that movie with Pierce Bronson and Michael Caine where Bronson is the commie spy and kills some gay commie dude?

Commies take an official anti-buttsecks policy.


spit is the only lubrication, and ass sex is for pussies.

I learn something every time I read your stuff, kali.



Sex in the water is harder than a neophyte might think. The natural lube gets washed away. 'Tis frustrating.


kali! kali! kali-fornication-lubin!

(Also known as "California Lovin'" by the one, the only, 2Pac.)

*I'm* gettin' wet, and I'm a friggin' dude. If you don't get into the sex-part of the, assuredly, well-written story soon, I just may yank my crank clean off!

Oh. Oh. I get it. Suspense. Tittilation. Anyway. So, now, I'm imagining you (you look vaguely like Jennifer Connelly) and your compatriot from the front desk (she looks like a mishmash of Jenna Jameson and Christy Canyon) meeting the two lucky dudes in the Suite Lovin'.

From that point, many X-rated possibilities do ensue. The climax, of course, being when you stand from the Bed o' Love and slip on your black cat-eye spectacles and.teach.the.class.a.lesson.

Nekked as a jaybird. (Why jaybirds are singled out for being "nekked," I'll never know. But you get the point.)

Hot! Keep teasing us...damn it!


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