How Bad Do You Want It ?
by Michele Christopher

It’s 10:17 pm. 30 degrees. We just got done making noise out in the garage. Excellent noise. It was ass cold in the garage. It’s your average garage- cinderblock walls, high ceiling, big gaps between the ends of the door. Black Widows. Boxes of stuff that I bet act as insulation on at least one side.

soundcheck.jpgIt’s just going to get colder for a while. It sort of gets to be an issue with the guitar after an hour or so. The shit just goes out of tune. My bass, wonderful creature that it is, seems to NEVER go out of tune, no matter how cold it is, how hot it is, how hard I play it. The only thing that makes it move is if it gets physically hit on one of the tuning pegs.

But we keep playing. We keep thrashing out noise. We have a stack of blank tapes and a whole lot of time. We have a bottle of Black Velvet down there right now, and there’s beer in the fridge. The heater does the best it can, but we still stop and hold our little piggies in front of it to get the feeling back into them occasionally.

At night during the winter here it gets down to the teens. We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. Physical discomfort isn’t going to stop us. That’s how bad we want it.

Pril wants it bad and writes daily here.



Rock on!

The closest i can come to that story is playing hockey in my neighbour's back-yard rink (which you can't do anymore in southern Ontario - thank you Global Warming) working on perfecting my goalie moves.

Not because I wanted it badly, my Mom wouldn' let us back in the house until dark.


we do it for johnny.


Pril is not exaggerating enough. I haven't had a cold in probably 4 or 5 years and for the last 2 days I got one kickin my ass! And I'm sure it's from submitting myself to the sub zero temperature in the garage. Pril, we gotta get a better heater. Yet, still, today, I went to Pril's garage/studio to make some noise on my drums and even a little on my guitar when my fingers unfroze. Yea, we want it about your die hards!


We do it cuz Johnny says it can't be done.....


oh please! You have a cold because you hang around someone who has a petri dish with legs running around her house! lol!


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