Ode To A Night Of Dumbass Drunkenness
by Wilhelm

kneeling in front of the toiletterlit.jpg

hoping it won't come true

my mouth is getting moist

i think i'm gonna spew

blow chunkity chunks of stuff

i had eaten earlier that day

it doesn't make me happy

at the porcelain god i pray

i kneel there in the bright

of a really well lit room

goddamnit i don't want to blow

passedoutbath.jpgthe chunks that mean my doom

i really hate to vomit

it makes me really sad

the retching the noise the feeling

of stomach contents gone bad

i think i'm gonna do it

although to myself i say no

i wonder if it matters

oh shit...here i go

chunkity chunkity chunk

passouttoilet.jpgspewity spewity spew

goddamned stomach contents

for all the world to view

floatity floatity float

flushity flushity flush

it all came out of me

in one big fucking rush

i hope that it's all over

i pray to god it's true

but i know in my heart of hearts

there's still more spewing to do

Wilhelm swears he won't, but he'll do it again next weekend.


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