suite surrender, part VII
by Kali Pornia

what seems like hours later, we're sitting at our table, celebration sounds surround us but we truly feel like the only people in the room.napkin_-_linen_18_sq_-_2800-2089.jpg

"wow, that tuna was perfect."

"steak was amazing as well."

"anything you can eat rare can't be bad."

stacey did not fail us. better than three chairs at a table, the host ushered us to semicircle shaped booth lit by candlelight, in the back of the restaurant. obviously meant for private dining for two, the booth is large enough for four and holds us very comfortably. you sit on my right and alex on my left.

i spent most of the meal trying to decide where to place my attention. i am totally in love with you. some minutes it was hard to pull my stare away from your gorgeous eyes and infectious smile. but playing referee between the two of you kept me busy. and then i'd lose myself in his greek eyes, his solid gestures with those large hands. a wonderful specimen of a man.

we talked about the girl that left you for him. that early high school romance. her insatiable sexual desire that left you depleted at the end of each date. the way you think about her as your first love, even though your eyes roll when you talk about her now. high school love. she left you for a week and a half. went to him. fucked the shit out of him and then came back. you two laugh and joke about it now. like brothers.

there is a lot of touching going on throughout the meal. loud talking, pushing, slapping, tickling, laughing. it is a roller coaster ride and by the time dessert comes we are full and happy and safe.

we share one chocolate dessert with three forks. three espressos and two sambucas. it is nearing ten o'clock.

"so you wanna talk about this? i mean i know you've fucked the same girl before. and i know that you both think that's kinda hot and sexy but you weren't doing it at the same time. the semantics are a bit, uh, different, wouldn't you say?"

...silence, sheepish grins...

"well you didn't think it would just happen without any talking, did you? i mean lots of men would say that two cocks in one room is one too many... have you two ever, uh... experimented before?"CS_15s.jpg

"no. no we haven't," you say.

"yes, but..." he starts and then stops.

"yes, but what?" i ask. "you've talked about it, obviously."

"yes," you say. "it's been a long standing joke that if we liked men, we would, uh like each other..."

"well, now that's progress," i say.

"so are either of you interested in exploring that this evening? i mean, talk to me a little... what do you expect to get, tonight. just so there are no surprises or disappointments..."

kali is up for any kind of fun as long as it involves more than one...oh you fill in the rest, ok?



i mean lots of men would say that two cocks in one room is one too many

That's only partially true, because most guys I know wish they had two cocks.


two cocks would be too hard. How could I turn the pages of the new "hustler" if both of my hands were in use?

i guess i would make alot of money on the freak show circuit thou...


two cocks would be too hard.

nyuk nyuk. as to the other problem, that's where the second set of hands comes in to play.


Two cocks would be too hard....better than two limp cocks wouldn't you say?


Now there's an interesting turn to the story, for sure.


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