Sunday NFL Thread!
by Turtle Jones

Christmas Eve with the Family? Sure! The Faster Than The World Family! Have some eggnog, root around under the tree and watch some football. Sounds good to me.

Join in the open Gameday thread and let us know what’s happening in the game you’re watching. Or let us know what kind of defense you are using to hold the kids at bay and keep them away from the presents that are stacked under the tree. Are you playing a 4-3 defense or a 3-4? caternie24.jpg

Santa is on his way. Who do you think he’s rooting for? It is my personal belief that Baby Jesus loves The New England Patriots, but that’s just me.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh - 1:00 PM

Carolina at Atlanta- 1:00 PM

Chicago at Detroit - 1:00 PM

Indianapolis at Houston - 1:00 PM

New England at Jacksonville - 1:00 PM

New Orleans at N.Y. Giants - 1:00 PM

Tampa Bay at Cleveland - 1:00 PM

Tennessee at Buffalo - 1:00 PM

Washington at St. Louis - 1:00 PM

Arizona at San Francisco – 4:05 PM

Cincinnati at Denver – 4:15 PM

San Diego at Seattle – 4:15 PM


Here's who I'm rooting for today:

Baltimore at Pittsburgh: Steelers (Sorry Kali, playoff seeding is on the line)

Carolina at Atlanta - Carolina

Chicago at Detroit - Detroit

Indianapolis at Houston - Houston

New England at Jacksonville - New England

New Orleans at N.Y. Giants - Giants

Tampa Bay at Cleveland - Cleveland

Tennessee at Buffalo - Buffalo

Washington at St. Louis - Dont care

Arizona at San Francisco – Dont care

Cincinnati at Denver – Cincy

San Diego at Seattle – Seattle

Merry Christmas!


Thank the football gods that the Giants game is on early today. Having to rip the husband off the couch and myself off "football food" duty to go to Christmas Eve service at church would have beeen a huge problem! Go Giants!! Big game for them today!!


Neither of my teams are playing today, so I'll go with the Giants, just because.


I have to go to the in-laws today and I am sure I will be scolded for spending too much time watching the game instead of sitting around and making boring chit-chat, etc etc etc (can you tell I'm psyched!)


What a way for Cincy to lose that game. Sucks to be them.


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