50 Best Arcade Games - We Are Getting Close
by Michele Christopher

tokyo2.JPGVideo games. Those fun boxes of shiny things that cost quarters to make the fun go zoom. How we loved them.

Now we must honor them.

Welcome to Day 4 of the nominating process for The Almost Final Countdown - Arcade games edition.

We are almost hitting the top of the nomination list, so if you don't want yours to miss out, you better get it in.

A lot are nominated, but haven't been "officially" been put in yet.

Herein comes the problem. We are looking for the ones that got more than one nomination. So if you said something earlier in the poll and you haven't seen it yet, to make sure it gets in on the top 50, nominate it again.

The first three nomination lists are here and here annnnd here.

The official "list" from the reader nominations are:

(in no particular order)

1. Rampage
2. Tecmo Super Dodge Ball
3. Berzerkpachinko nishijin 3.jpg
4. Spy Hunter
5. Tron
6. Sinistar
7. Bubble Bobble
8 Robotron 2084
9. Pole Position
10. Donkey Kong
11. Mortal Kombat 2
12. The Simpsons
13. Joust
14. Smash TV
15. Total Carnage
16. Asteroids
17. Golden Tee
18. Punch Out
19. Battle Zone
20. Star Wars

Pretty cool list we have started here, eh?

Want to see the next ten?

Then here we go.

21. Street Fighter 2
Does anyone remember Street Fighter 1? I do. It was a huge game where you actually punched these pads to determine how hard you hit in the game. It was stupid. It hurt and it broke a lot. The makers of Street Fighter eliminated that previous problem by getting rid of the punching pads and adding three different buttons. Here you could kick ass with anyone. Cept for the cool ending characters. I always hated that. I couldn't be the cool guys. The fat guy was cool when you couldn't play anyone else. That thousand slap thing he did was for people who didn't know how to play the game.

22. Frogger
Pretty simple. Get the damn frog across. Don't get hit or drown. Or eaten. I was never a big fan of this game. Everyone said I should try it. I would like it. Cause it tasted just like chicken.

OK. That was bad.

23. Ms. Pac Man
Same thing as Pac Man but now the broads didn't feel like man broads when they played it. It was now cool for broads to play videogames. Cause they were playing a broad. See, that's when I knew the Constitution went one step too far. It was fine when the broads got the vote, but when we made a broad videogame, we just went too far.

Michele adds: Ms. Pac Man is a whore.

aburner2m-08.png24. Afterburner
Let's be honest here. Could anyone really see what was happening? I mean, didn't we all just fire like hell and move around a lot? Till we got hit? The crash landinhg was always cool. You didn't just die in that game. You died in a glorious manner. One in which the whole arcade needed to know about. Lights and sounds came from the machine proclaiming that you, yes you, were dead.

25. Defender
Too many buttons.

26. Food Fight
There was something wrong with this game. I get the whole "toss food at the bad guy" thing, but the controlers were wonky on that machine. I never got why the kid just liked ice cream cones. I mean, what if the kid was diabetic? That would suck. To win the game he has to go into some insulin shock or some shit like that. Make those chefs pay. Or maybe that was why the chefs were trying to stop him from eating the cone in the first place. They didn't want him to go into some sugar shock from eating the ice cream......

Think about it.

27. Tempest
One of the last line games on the list. All hail the line games, or whatever they are called. They had their tiime with classic games like Missle Command and Star Wars but time was moving on. If this was one of the last, it had to be one of the best. No story behing it. Just stop those other lines from getting you. And watch out for those other lines. Great game and it had a spinner control! That was fun. Specially when you were tired of it. Just spin the fucker and walk away.

28. A.P.B.
These next two games kinda confused me. This first one had everything in it needed to be a crooked cop. Write fake tickets to get the quota. Smash other cars. Shoot people. And last but not least...shake the shit out of a prisoner to get him to confess before the Sarge gets to the interogation room. This is why this game is so great. The "Confessometer" was just a way to shake the crap out of someone you just arrested. And the best part was, if you didn't beat him up enough, he walked and you had to get him again.

And you thought it was easy to beat up someone in handcuffs.

29. NARC
Needles, right? Are they throwing needles at me? Truely a bizarre game. The junkies I know don't like throwing away their needles. Specially at a cop. And the roaming hordes of junkies coming at you. Junkie avalance. That sounds like a new candy bar. "Try a Junkie Avalance!"galagaxian11.jpg

But as this game always says.."Say no to drugs". That will work. Nancy Reagan said it. And if Mrs. Reagan's big guns don't work, then what the are we left with as a society?

It will be anarchy.

30. Galaga
Like Space Invaders but on acid. I guess. Same game but with colors. Has some cool noises in it too but I always get this one mixed up with the other G game. I don't know if that was intentional, but to this day I am scared of those two games. Kinda like if I call it the wrong name, someone is going to get upset and kick my ass. So one of the G games is cool.

Crap. Now we are going to have to nominate Galaxian just so we don't offend the other half of the G game spectrum.

So those are ten more that made the list..

But, we still need 20 more. If you don't see yours on here and it has been nominated in the past, nominate that sucker again and get it on here!

Nominations are open til Friday, and this is the place to do it. And the more people that nominate a game, the more likely it is to get into the final poll.

Now I have to figure out the difference between Galaga and Galaxian.



we have one more day to do this. We are only up to 30. The next 10 are ready to come out tomorrow.

so we need 10 more.


Out Run deserves consideration. That was a super-fun driving game.

Hey remember that record in the 80s where all songs were about video games? I have that one at home somewhere... that is pretty lame.

Centipede was cool and also I really liked Tetris. They had that one in the college game room when I was in school. I still remember one of my pals endlessly dropping quarters into it and the cigarette hanging out the side of her mouth while she played. That was fun.


I can not believe I forgot TETRIS.

I played so much I would dream of tetris moves.

And I may be a big dork!


I played Tetris on a console long before I played it in an arcade, but that's a good choice.



tetris is a new one. Everyone forgot that.

what about Arknoid?


Crazy Taxi! I mainly played it on the Dreamcast, but it started out in the arcades. And I did play it a couple times there and it was damn fun and addictive.


Dig Dug and Burger Time

Diggin' holes and makin' burgers. Kinda shouts "Hey losers! Here's your future", doesn't it?


Anyone remember "Jungle Hunt" for the Commodore 64? How about the old Nintendo game "Kung Fu"?


kung fu ruled

i used to play that for hours


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