And the Best Horror Movie Is...............
by Turtle Jones


Wow, that was really close. Read nothing into the fact that my movie pulled it out at the end and Turtle's didn't. For once, I came out ahead of him and I am going to celebrate that fact because it very rarely happens. In fact, I spent all weekend getting my ass kicked Turtle style playing Turok. Eh, I really didn't care if I won or not, I just wanted to shoot the cool guns.

Anyhow, congrats to Night of the Living Dead and thanks to everyone who participated in this one. Check over there somewhere (I'm pointing to the front page of FTTW) for this week's poll.

(You can see the final results of the poll here)



I am surprised "The Thing" got so far up there.

Told you that movie would come close


Heh. You said you came before him.

Sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet.


Goddammit Cullen, you stole my joke.


Heh, you said your movie pulled it out and Turtle's didn't.


this thread is making me horny


turtle thank god it's not only me.


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