In The Shadows
by Shawna Black

For the third time since the beginning of December, I have come in contact with some dreadful virus. Scratchy throat, bad cough… it’s getting old. Is global warming to blame for this, too? Or should I just blame Bush like everyone else?

OK, anyway.

My point is, this may be short and I apologize.

I’ve introduced Shawna to you in the past. She first appeared in The Band Pictures in November 2006. At some point during our friendship I made her sit for this shot. It was after 1988 because I remember the place that we shot these photos. My sister and I had rented an apartment in Vista, CA and we lived there while Mom and Dad remodeled Grandpop’s place so it could be sold. A few months later the family abandoned me in California and moved to North Carolina.

The front window of our apartment had this incredibly bright floodlight just outside of the window. The light coming in though that window was intense. The only light source in this shot was that light outside the window and I shot the picture at night. It created some awesome shadows on the walls. Shadows can create wonderful elements in a black and white photo, but I only like them when I have control of them.

Lesson for today: Sometimes shadows work! Use them.


Shawna belongs to a group of friends where everyone is named Shawna.



I love the contrast between the "real" Shawna and the shadow Shawna. The shadow looks like some Grace Jones warrior with huge hair while the real Shawna has this soft, contemplative thing going on.



Wow that is cool, the light through the window seems really bright.

feel better


Is anyone else tired of being sick this winter?? My two year old has her first ear infection - in both ears!!

Thanks Guys. Glad you like the shot!


yes, I am...been sick since Christmas!


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