It Can’t Be Thirty Years!
by Tim O'Connell

So we’re doing the 70s this week. I thought I’d go with the difference between me now and me 30 years ago.

1977: I hated waking up earlier that 9:00 A.M..

2007: I wake up at 0500 no matter where I am or what I’m doing that day. Waking up later I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time. I sometimes sleep in on the weekends.

1977: I only drank coffee for breakfast, except on weekends or to go to the diner.

2007: No change.

1977: I was perfectly comfortable in Levis, hiking boots, black t-shirt and a flannel shirt

2007: Ummm, I’ve switched to Wranglers and running shoes and rarely wear flannel but otherwise, yeah, kind of comfortable there.

churchsignlesbians.jpg1977: Two years out of Catholic School believe that the Church is one of the most fundamentally evil organizations on the planet mostly made up of frustrated lesbians and pedophiles.

2007: Shrug.

1977: Honestly believed that one evening when “Sky” Daniels was broadcasting on the LOOP FM, that we’d receive our instructions for taking over the world.

2007: Wonders who's brownies I’d stolen.

1977: Thought Springsteen was the be all and end all of rock’n’roll stars.

2007: Can rarely stomach anything of Springsteen’s done after 1977 and none of his folksy, “I gotta be Bob Dylan” stuff.

1977: Was rabidly anti-military. No, seriously, the military was nothing but evil men doing evil things for an evil government. I thought that all war was useless.

2007: About to retire from the Air Force with 23 years of service. Realized that we’re not perfect, but we’re better than most.

1977: Refused to watch television except for Saturday Night Live. Wonder if this “Bill Murray” guy is going to be as funny as Chevy Chase.

2007: Cheddar who?

Evil Computer.jpg1977: Computers are evil and they’re going to destroy us all.

2007: Computers are our friends, computers are our friends, computers are our friends.

1977: Never went to bed before midnight, usually didn’t crash until one or two A.M..

2007: If I’m awake past 11, I’m kind of screwed for the next three days.

1977: Honestly believed that Jimmy Carter was going to bring hope and dignity back to The White House.

2007: Hawwwwk! Tooooie!

1977: Was waiting to see if the Space Shuttle was going to work and was anxious for the International Space Station to be completed.

2007: Waiting to see if the Space Shuttle is going to work and no longer care if the International Space Station will ever be completed.

1977: Started hearing some band called The Clash on college radio.

2007: I listen to part of The Clash Anthology just about every day.

1977: Stood in line to see Star Wars. Over and over and over and over again.

2007: Smile when Boyo tells me he’s taking the collection to watch it yet again.

1977: Very excited for the future because The President has created The Department of Energy promising a comprehensive energy policy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and research renewable fuel sources.

2007: Yeah, 30 years ago, still freaking waiting.

talkingheads1-9921.jpg1977: The Commodore PET computer is first sold. I figure it’s a geek thing, who’s going to need a computer at home?

2007: There are currently five computers in various states of disrepair in our home. Three work well.

1977: Psycho Killer by Talking Heads is released. We all wonder WTF is this shit?

2007: Never did figure that out.

1977: Never Mind The Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols is released in the United States. Most of us already have the import.

2007: I have no idea why I ever listened to The Sex Pistols except I know that Vodka was involved.

1977: Saturday Night Fever is released. I’m pissed off that almost everyone misses the message of the movie about how hollow and pointless “the boogie life” is. Can’t believe I spent an hour in line in the fucking snow to see this shit. Seriously, she wasn’t that cute.

2007: Thirty years later, most folks still haven’t figured it out. She’s married to one of my best friends. She still makes him “Hustle” and “Electric Slide” with her at weddings.

Timmer made this up, as anyone who remembers the 70s, simply wasn’t there.


That was cool.

Same here with The Clash


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