Jake – Future Musical Genius
by Shawna Black

Jake, my oldest kid. Jake is his nickname. We’ve been calling him Jake since the day he was born even though we named him Jacob. In retrospect, I now wonder why we didn’t just name him Jake. All of his friends call him by his given name because of his school records, I suppose. He has a crush on a girl named Blair (but won’t admit it), who attended Jake’s birthday party on Saturday, and she asked me why we call him Jake. I told her that it is his nickname and it’s what we’ve always called him. I heard Blair call him Jake the rest of the day. So cute.

Jake has taken piano lessons every Saturday morning for the past year and a half. He’s learning to read music but he’s getting bored with the piano, I’m afraid. I’m sure he won’t give it up but…

Christmas is three days before Jake’s birthday. On Thursday, he turned eleven. Eleven! My little red head, who’s still got the red hair and the red eye brows and the red eyelashes that he was born with, inherited Dad’s musical talent. Thank God.

Dad gave Jake an electric guitar for Christmas. Dad is teaching Jake where to put his fingers on the neck of the guitar in order to create the same notes that he’s familiar with on the piano.

Here’s Jake playing his new guitar.

Shot taken with the new Canon digital. I hate the harsh shadows. But such is life when one procrastinates to the point when the article is due and it’s raining outside all day and one can’t use the natural light that was intended, and well, fuck. Here we are with the flash indoors.

Better next week, I promise.


Shawna may not be able to play the electric guitar, but she kicks ass at air guitar



Looks like he has good fingers for the instrument. He's going to want to clip those nails though.

I love the look on his face watching his fretting hand. So much concentration. Awesome.

I actually like the harsh shadow here. I think it helps his face pop more. It may not be the effect you were going for, but it works very well.


I like the harsh shadows as well.

My kid started playing when he was Jake's age. It becomes expensive eventually, but it's worth it to just watch them become so good at something they love doing.


He's going to want to clip those nails though.

that's funny. That is the first thing I thought of when I looked at the pic.

great pic


I noticed the nails, too. Made me think of Bob Dylan, actually. Have you ever seen pictures of him where you can see his nails? It's kinda gross.


I like the hard shadows, too. It seems to heighten the idea of concentrating on something.

hmm nails... yeah his are longer than mine. :P


Thanks Guys. I love this picture. Maybe cuz it's my kid. I don't know.

And thanks for the "turns out better than she gives herself credit for" plug. Means a lot. :)


This is a great photo, Shawna. Love the angle. And I also like the harsh shadow.

One day I should try to learn the guitar. I just love the finger work involved.


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