My Rules
by Ernie Williams

Rather bloody hockey fight.jpgOk there are no football games this week. NONE! So now what the hell are we supposed to do with ourselves, huh? Well ya got me because seriously, I have no idea. After six months of devoting my Sundays to football, what do I do when it’s gone?

Thankfully, at least we have hockey back. That will help to fill the span of nothingness that exists between The Superbowl and opening day of baseball season, sort of, I guess.

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that just yet because even though there’s nothing this weekend, there’s still one last game left, the biggest game of the year… Next week is The Big Game, THE SUPERBOWL!

But in the meantime, this week, nuthin.

Maybe there’ll be some bmx motor-cross or figure skating or something on this Sunday. I don’t know. All I know is, somehow, we’ll get through it.

Since there’s no games for me to talk about this week, I thought I’d write about something that everybody here at Faster Than the Fucking World seems to like, music! Music that makes me think about football to be exact!

These are some of my favorite songs and even though they really have nothing to do with football, for some reason these songs always make me think about the game. Here we go!

Metallica - Damage Inc

This song makes me think about running backs.

Slamming through, dont fuck with razorback
Stepping out? youll feel our hell on your back
Blood follows blood and we make sure
Life aint for you and were the cure
Honesty is my only excuse
Try to rob us of it, but its no use
Steamroller action crushing all
Victim is your name and you shall fall

Once again, in reality, nothing to do with football, but in my reality, it’s all about football. Whenever I hear this song I think about a running back, smashing his way forward, stiff-arming some helpless linebacker and bashing his way into the end zone for a touchdown. As a football game wears on and nears the end, it’s the running back’s job to lay the beat down on a tired defense, pummeling them into submission and running out the clock till the game is over and another win is checked off on the schedule.

misfits157.jpgMisfits - Astro Zombies

For some reason this tune always makes me think about NFL Coaches. Yeah, I know the song is really about astro-zombies coming down to destroy the whole fucking race, but when I hear it, I always think about some coach buried away in some office, spending endless hours of their lives trying to figure out how to defeat whoever their opponent is on any given Sunday.

With just a touch of my burning hand
I’m gonna live my life to destroy your world
Prime directive, exterminate
The whole fuckin race

I don’t know why, but all I can think about when I hear that is an NFL Head Coach. These guys devote their lives to the game and to destroying their opponent every week.

Rollins Band - On My Way To the Cage

On the way to the cage
I heard the crowd roar
Thoughts of you were long behind me
I couldn’t ask for more
The lights are almost blinding
Come closer, see yourself in my eyes
Fear me

To me, this song is all about the quarterbacks. The outcome of the game rests on their shoulders. They stand back there, block everything out and look the oncoming rushers in the eye. The quarterback delivers the ball and takes the hit. Then they get up and do it again. And again. And along the way, more times than not, they’ll make you pay if you don’t get there fast enough. “Fear me”

Godsmack -Time Bomb

This one is all about the cornerbacks and safeties. Hanging back like predators, like lions in the grass. They wait for the quarterback to make a mistake and then they pounce. They wait for that moment to pounce on the ball snatch it from the air right in front of the intended receiver and take off in the other direction. All the way in for six if they’re lucky.

I’m a bad motherfucker who lives it every day.
You never look at me now, you never look me in the face.
I’m a timebomb, timebomb, baby.

T-shirt-Black-Flag-My-Rules11.GIFOk last one. This is one I always think about in the days and moments leading up to the game.

Black Flag - Forever Time

Forever time
Its time to walk by me
One last time, its time
At first
Get set
Get your message from time
Time, time, time, time

I look forward to football every week. I really do. I know it’s weird to some people, they say ‘it’s just a game’ but watching the games on Sunday is a thing that I truly enjoy.

One more week and it’s gone for six months. Consider this week practice for what’s coming up.

One more game left. Got any songs that make you think about the game?

Ernie will stick rock..even though the Pats are out.



3rd man in by the hanson brothers for hockey night.

but then pretty much any song by them for hockey night


Okay, now don't shoot me or anything - this one clicks "football" because I was living in the Detroit area when the Lions finally got their heads out of their asses and started winning: "Another One Bites The Dust" - it was their theme song that season


So off topic but did that Rory guy get into the NHL all-star game? I was watching the player intros the other night. I did not hear them introduce him but I thought maybe I just missed it perhaps. I am just curious..

Oh and I'm sure it will come as a shock to people to lear that I am rooting for The Bears in the SUPERBOWL...


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