Pine Cones Go in Here, Party Liquors Comes Out Here
by Michele Christopher


Late Night Typing will return from vacation on Tuesday.

Michele and Turtle wish you a very happy and healthy New Year and lots of Squidbillies goodness.


squidbillies rules.

early is my hero.


I'm a fan of Granny, simply because she says shit like When Jesus was president he ate babies all the time all the damn time.

Happy New Year! Now where's da hooch ? I got a headache...


Happy New Year blah blah blah. Anyone else lame enough like me to watch the Metalocalypse marathon? dewds, i almost peed myself. I love that show.


metalocalypse is cool.

never see it enough thou


I watched part of it... Yes, I am that lame.


i watched every ep of that marathon.


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