The Songs Everyone Hates
by Pril Stevenson

on_stage_skynard11.JPGIt’s part of the Standard Bar Cover Band set list. Mustang Sally, Sweet Home Alabama, Shook Me All Night, Bad Moon On The Rise.

I went ten years playing without ever having to bother learning Mustang Sally. I still don’t know it “right”. I don’t want to learn it. I have this problem about learning songs. If it’s something I have no interest in, something that makes me change the station or run out of the store, I’m not going to go home and listen carefully to it to learn all of it’s nuances. I could give a shit about it.

I was recently asked to be in a band that’s starting up. I was looking over the list of songs they want to play. There, at about the middle, was “Sweet Home Alabama”.

“I’m not playing “Sweet Home”, guys”.

“Oh. Well, we just figured, we all know it, and it makes people dance and...”

“Yeah well I’m not playing it.”

From what I have been able to tell by talking to the bar patrons around town, no one really wants to hear that song anyway. So I don’t know why so many people insist on playing it.

There’s about a hundred other great CCR songs worth playing besides “Bad Moon On the Rise” (or “Bathroom on the Right”). “Lodi” is just a better song. “Sweet Hitchhiker” really moves. “Bad Moon”, eh? Lame.

Finally... AC/DC songs. There are some really great, fun to play AC/DC songs. “You Shook Me” is not one of them. Unless you play it like Everclear did.

I know I’m not the only person tired of hearing these songs, or sick of playing them. I MAY be the only one in this town, though. Which sort of cracks my spirit a little.

Pril begs you not to put your lighter in the air.



you forgot smoke on the water

fire in the sky


Highway to Hell
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Breaking the Law
Hotel California ...

Tired of hearing them. Tired of playing them.


And then there's the assholes who learned the first few notes of "Stairway to Heavan" and/or "Roundabout" and when the crowd cheers they say some lame shit like, "We'll do that one later if we have time." I'd just leave after about the 3rd time I heard that one.


hey its gary!

That is cool that you put your foot down and don't cave in to doing those.


Don't forget Margaritaville. It's not cute or funny- it sucks.


Journey. Everything by Journey. No one likes Journey, and people who say they do are actually laughing at Journey.


Weird thing about Journey. I don't really love them....but I do sing along to some songs. Maybe it's the cheese factor.

Or maybe anyone who wants a band to play Journey or Freebird or Smoke on the Water is just doing some reminsicing about the good old days.


Oh fer criminy, Knockin' on Heaven's Door. UGH. SPEW. Especially Axl Rose, who sounds as if he's trying to pass a live cat through his urethra.


If they want to reminisce with these songs, chances are they can go out to the car and wait about five minutes on the classic rock station and get their fix, or maybe put the CD in that I KNOW they have sitting on the dashboard of their shitass camaro. tee hee. I'm not bitter.


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