What Do YOU Watch Anyway?
by Jay Scott

This week is a little bit off the normal nonsense I write up here. This week I wanted to talk about what I watch and TV weekly and why, and find out what other people like.

Yeah, sounds like a wild time don’t it? So let's put away the ol Hookers and Blow chit chat and talk about some of the things we watch.

I seem to find my taste in television viewing hasn’t really changed in 20 years. I’m not one of those people who droned on over “Friends” or “ C.S.I.” In fact, I have never seen a single episode of C.S.I. Whatever, not for me.

Up until it was canceled, I was pretty religious about “Deadwood.” "Deadwood" is one of those shows where the people and places are dirty, not Disney clean, where it carries and air of subtle misery mixed with the hard reality of the times. It was damn fine TV and I liked every moment of it.

Yeah, I like “The Sopranos” like the rest of the universe, but you can't deny a show that great.

What about the other stuff? Well, I was a HUGE fan of “The West Wing,” not because it was slanted toward my politics, no, because it was smart and clever. That’s why I watch “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Aaron Sorkin knows his craft, knows how to create engaging shows, and knowing the industry from the inside. That show is A LOT closer to reality than its non-funny or not so clever counterpart, "30 Rock." In fact, I was annoyed the only time I watched "30 Rock." What gives? It's just lame, for lack of a better term.

I digress.

studio_60_on_the_sunset_strip.jpgI you haven’t seen “Shark” with James Woods, you're missing out. James Woods is cool. No matter what he does, he's cool. So yeah, if you wanna watch James Woods be cool and do cool shit, watch "Shark." Woods as a former high end defense lawyer, now working high profile cases as an assistant D.A in Los Angeles is cool. Legal TV isn’t my thing, as I normally stay away from legal shows. This is an exception.

Duhn Dunn. (yeah you gotta say that part out-loud).

Charlie Rose. If your tired of all the fluffy rainbows and unicorn type interviews you see on Leno and the like, this is the show to watch. Charlie Rose really knows what he’s doing and how you do a real interview. Worth it.

"Entourage" is another good show I like. In fact, it makes me want to smack a friend of mine in the head whenever I watch it. Cause if he would have focused, well then I’d be E to his Vince, but the dumbass got distracted. Oh well. I still like the show.

"Friday Night Lights" is another one I like. I am not a football guy either, but I dig this show. I liked the film, and I like the show. It's pretty down and dirty and plays well. It's not some glitzy nonsense, in fact, its pretty much on par with the film. It’s a football show that’s not about football as much as its about the people. Character driven. What can I say, I like it.

house2.jpg"House" is the reigning favorite. I love this show. It's, well, you either like it or you don’t. I can only say that it's great storytelling, it's compelling and well written and the fact that the show is about an asshole that people only tolerate because he's the best at what he does makes it even better. "House" is by far one of my all time favorite programs to watch. I look forward to it each week. So don’t bug me while I watch it, cause it’s the only show I make plans around. If you watch the show you know what I mean. If not, well, you're missing out. Funny thing is I found it by accident after it's third episode. Hooked like a crack addict every since.

So that’s what I watch weekly, for one reason or another. Other than the occasional Nick at Nite re-runs of "Sanford and Son" or "All in the Family," this about covers it. I always wonder what other people like and why. So this is what I like. I wonder if there is a theme in these I am missing.

“Nonconformity; right... I can't remember the last time saw a twenty something kid with a tattoo of an Asian letter on his wrist. You are one wicked free thinker! You want to be a rebel; stop being cool. Wear a pocket protector like he does, and get a hair cut. Like the Asian kids that don't leave the library for a twenty hours stretch. They're the ones that don't care what you think.” -Dr. House.

Jay once watched three episodes of Full House before he realized he was watching the wrong show



24 is the only show I will work my schedule around.

Other than that I watch almost a lot of Discovery Channel and History Channel.

And a lot of crap, like World's Most Amazing Videos, COPS, Wildest Police Chases, Trading Spouses, stuff like that.


Heroes. I can't tell you how fucking happy the show is back on tonight. And with Christopher Eccleston!


I don't watch much TV, but when I do I mostly watch comedy. The office, My name is Earl, It's always sunny in Philadelphia and arrested development are my favourite shows at the moment.


House is on our list.
Battlestar Gallactica has redeemed itself.
Stargate. I missed it the first time around and now I'm playing catch up as it's going off the air. Really good television.
Rome on HBO is amazing.
We watch TWO reality shows, AI and Survivor.
Lots of TLC and Discovery and History also.
Boyo is 10 and watches Cartoon Network religiously. There are some really good and really BAD cartoons on there.
Criminal Minds simply to see how many times Mandy Potemkin will turn his head like a raven.


We don't watch a lot of shows on TV, but we do rent a lot of TV show DVDs. We rent a lot of the HBO shows as well as some of the BBC shows.

When not watching sports, 24, Overhaulin and Extreme Home Makover (My Wife's fav.)


History Channel (whatever is on)
Little House on the Prarire

the usual stuff. Nothing really stops what I am doing except for 24, though



i can't watch 24 anymore cause of my new job...grrrr


I echo the Heroes & Christopher Eccleston sentiment.

I watch Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty, Scrubs, 30 Rock & My Name Is Earl.

I am sure I watch other stuff, but most of the best things I watched are now cancelled :-(


My Tivo List:

Family Guy
Numb3rs (shut up, it's good nerdy fun)
L & O: SVU


I was guessing that 24 would be a fav, I can go either way with it. After all this time, it just seems like Jack Bauer woulda cracked. I mean how many save the world days can a guy have? Im sure Jack's head will just explode one day when he gets more bad news about something. The next season should be Jack Bauer doing nothing but drinking tons of booze on a beach telling everyone to F off.

Some shows listed here I have never checked out, Like ROME, which , mayahps I will try and catch.


Seriously, today's politicians ain't got nuthin' on the Roman Senate.

These peoeple just think evil crap and it happens to someone.


Cullen and me rep the Heroes.


You said "duhn dunn" You are very funny!!!!


Ditto Heroes. And 24. (Tonight'll be rough.) Scrubs. House.

The Venture Brothers is still my favorite, even though it's only on at something like 3 am Monday morning.


Heroes, Lost, Family Guy (reruns, never catch the new ones)


the only show i watch on tv today is studio sixty.


I love House.

I am totally addicted to the History Channel right now. It's on right now. SR-71 Blackbird...


Never watched a single episode of 24. Not my thing in the least and when too many people froth at the mouth over something it strikes me as trendy and that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Exceptions: LOST. But if they don't improve in February, I'm out.

I also watch House, Psych, Stargate Atlantis, Dead Zone, 4400, Big Love, Heroes, Jericho, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, What About Brian, Hex.

I just looked at my TiVo settings.

I don't plan my life around TV 'cause of the TiVo. I do not ever want to live without a DVR ever again!

Lately all my shows have been on hiatus, so I've been watching a lot of Discovery Health channel about midgets and conjoined twins. Toss in some History and HGTV and Fine Living, A&E... those are my "off season" channels.

I LOVE TV. I find it entertaining as all hell. People who never watch any TV are not my sort of people to hang with.


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