And The Winner of Worst Song of the 70's Is.....
by Turtle Jones

This was by far our most popular poll to date. Over 800 votes were tallied and although some of the really bad songs made it a fight, in the end it was one song that rose above the rest to qualify as the worst song of the 70's.

This might also be the worst song ever.


As one FTTW editor described the tune:

A song about a girl who slept with a guy and then, to prove her love to him, didn't have an abortion.

The win is deserved.

See the final results here.

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted and special thanks to all those who linked the poll this week and brought in tons of voters. Stick around for this week's poll!



I just want to thank everyone who voted for this song.

My long time hatred for it is vindicated.


afternoon delight, I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE ON YOU!!!


How the hell did "You Light Up My Life" NOT win? Forget mozzarella and brie and cheddar, we gotcha cheese right heah.


The only reason I didn't vote for this was because of the Circle Jerks cover. But yes, it is very, VERY horrible.


i still can't remember what song i was thinking of.

oh well. i guess i am glad whatever song it was didn't make it cause man, it sucked


I'm with Michele - I never knew I had so many fellow haters of that godawful song!


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