I’ve Been Cheating On You
by Shawna Black

My husband has been bugging me about moving my “stuff” out of the hall closet for several weeks. The hall closet has turned into a storage closet because, apparently, the garage isn’t big enough. Or clean enough. Oh, and then there are the mice. So, storage in the garage is not an option.

As I was retrieving the few items that I had on the very top shelf of the hall closet, I found my Nikon. I found the “old” camera, the one that uses old-fashioned film. The one that I tossed aside like an old shoe the day I brought home the new digital. I picked it up, brushed the dust off the lens cap and felt a sudden pang of guilt. I’ve been with this camera since my college photography classes a long time ago. I know this camera inside and out. The Nikon is safe, easy and I’m very comfortable using it.

Then, one day when I wasn’t paying attention, technology changed. In the beginning, I stuck with my old friend, claiming the quality of the digital “just isn’t there yet”. For years, I was faithful to my 35mm film box, denying the digital world altogether. But as the quality of the digital camera images increased, I became more and more interested in it, especially after becoming more familiar with computers and graphics programs. My problem, up until I was lucky enough to “win” my Canon 10 mega pixel digital was that I couldn’t afford a really good digital camera; therefore, it was just easier to continue to deny its existence regardless of how good it may be.

Since I got the Canon, I haven’t really thought about the Nikon. Not only have I cheated on the poor Nikon, I have shoved aside our loyalty to one another for the younger, better performing Canon. How could I be so selfish?

So, in honor of my ever trusty Nikon, I give you one of the best pictures of my son that came out of this little metal box (yes, mostly metal moving parts, unlike the Canon to which it compares). T-max 100 film, normal development, variable contrast paper.

This is my son, Riley, who turns 9 years old today. Everyone, say it with me: Happy Birthday, Riley!! His piano teacher informed m on Sunday that Riley has progressed through a year’s worth of piano lessons in six months. He’s a straight A student and just as cute as he can be! I am, however, a bit biased. This was several years ago and he’s sinse grown into those ears a bit more.

I’ve got to go beg forgiveness of the Nikon now and let it know that I haven’t forgotten how it’s been there for me and supported me all of the years. The Nikon will always be my first love.


Shawna is not going to have make-up sex with the Nikon.



You don't have to have make-up sex with the Nikon. In front of the Nikon, maybe.


Ahaha, Cullen! We'll leave that to Kali!!


Happy Birthday Riley!


You know ... I have been giving some thought to this whole Film and Developer thing and I had an epiphany. When's the "Girls of FTTW" calendar going to come out?




oh ya

(cutie pie straight a dude)


Your son is beautiful and I hope he has a great birthday!


Happy birthday Riley lil dude.

Here's a lesson from you're ol' Uncle Tim:

Next time your teacher asks you to do sumthin' you think is silly, stand up, point your right pointer finger at him/her with your left fist on your hip and sing, "Hey! You! Get offa my cloud!!" Ask your Mom for the proper posture, tonality and Cockney Accent.

Just a lil growing up tip from you're ol' Uncle Tim.


Happy Birthday, Riley!


thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes for my boy. except for kali - no, I GET AUGUST.

I really should be asleep right now. Driving to Florida in the morning and I want to leave by 6am....


The EDITOR gets August. Unless we do a threesome.


A threesome in front of the Nikon. I happy with that compromise.

And, of course, I feel like a dumb ass for not saying happy birthday to Riley -- so, happy belated, dude!


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