And The Winner of Most Overrated Band is........
by FTTW Staff

And the 9th TAFC comes to an end. A glorious end, indeed as this editor feels that the poll finished up exactly the way it should have.

The winner is:


I'll confess to something. I was a Dead Head for a while in high schools. But that was the 70's and I did a lot of drugs. I mean, I also thought Jim Morrison's spirit lived in my bong. So you can't really go by me. And I don't think I dug the music so much as I dug the scene. And by scene I mean the fact that I never had to go further than five steps to find someone willing to supply me with whatever chemical I needed to get through the night. Do you really think all those people would be dancing and swaying and whatever it was they did to the music if they weren't stoned out of their minds. See, once I sobered up long enough to listen to the Dead without benefit of illegal substances, I realized that the emperor had no clothes. The only thing a Dead album was good for after that was separating the weed from the seeds. Sure, maybe there were still a few nights when I would put on American Beauty and think the magic rainbow of peace, love and electric kool aid was going to take me way to a beautiful land where everyone wore flowers in their hair and I could hear colors and see music.

Acid. It's a hell of a drug.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted.

Still taking ideas for future polls. Come back in two weeks and see what the next one brings. I promise it will be something positive. - M




Back in the day when I thought I was going to make Professional Frisbee my career (and yeah, I was one of those freaks that made the physics teacher talk to herself when she watched us out on the blacktop) I had a brief period of time when I was sure that Gerry was talking to me with his guitar.

I still have a Dead disk in my car for long roadtrips and when I'm feeling spiritually tanked out? Ripple recharges me still.


it was fun, this listing thing. (my fave dead periods are anything with pig pen and that burst in the mid-70's when they got more "jazzy". Dark Star, baby! )


my column will be in on time this week : )


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