by Shawna Black

Last week, I knew without a doubt in my mind the pictures that I would write about and feature this week.

Six o’clock in the morning on Thursday last week, my sister, my niece, my great nephew and I all piled into my little Mazda and started our road trip. Twelve hours (and a bad storm in Georgia) later, we were in Florida. I’d not been to Florida before and was looking forward to stepping foot in yet another state. Before I die, I’d like to say that I’ve visited all 50 states. So far, I’ve been to California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Ohio, Utah, Nevada, Georgia, Florida… I think that’s it.

How many is that? How many do I have to go?? I really need to go north.

Oh, and just let me say that the people in Florida are crazy. Average highway speed is, I am not exaggerating, 90 mph. I was on I-4 traveling from Tampa to Orlando, 11 pm, doing 80 mph and cars were passing me left and right. I felt like an old woman doing 40 on the freeway. By the time I crossed the Florida/Georgia border, I had acclimated to 80 mph. Driving to work this morning was rough. I CAN’T DRIVE 55!

I was in Florida for my niece’s wedding. I was asked to take pictures. Let me say that photographing a wedding is some stressful shit. I’ve done it one other time and swore that I’d never do it again. But here I was, shooting the magical day, breaking the promise I made to myself to never do this again! But, I will say that I did fairly well. Got some awesome shots and I think the happy couple will be pleased.

As for my picture this week, I realized a little late that I couldn’t show the world a wedding picture of the happy couple before they saw it! So, I scrambled at the last minute…

These pictures are from the inside of the building where I work. This wall used to be the outside wall of the building next door. In the 1940’s the building on the right was connected to the building on the left. The original painting on the outside of one of the buildings is now our office wall. I’m not sure when the building was built. Our CFO thinks it may have been late 1800 or early 1900.

Whenever it was, it doesn’t matter cuz I have the coolest office in the world.

Did you think this was about sex? Ha! Tricked you. I win.





Did you think this was about sex? Ha! Tricked you. I win.

That's a pretty dirty trick. Guess I'll go have to read through Kali's archives to get my fix.

I like the pics! I can't believe you work in a place like that. It makes me want to set fire to my cubicle.


Apparently the threesome is happening slightly off camera, but still, technically, in front of the Nikon. You win. You tricksy.

I wish I had some photos of my building from Fort Huachuca (Sierra Vista, AZ). It was built in the 1890s and was gorgeous. Adobe brick, big columns and the ornate tin ceilings. Great old building.


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