TAFC#8: It's Classic
by Turtle Jones

Another week, another poll.

ledzep.JPGThis one is sure to cause some controversy as to the definition of what we are looking for:

Best Classic Rock Song.

Now, classic rock can be defined as many things, though the editors of FTTW came to a sort of agreement that it can be defined as rock or hard rock music from the 60's and 70's and, to some extent, the 80's. You can look up all the definitions you want and go by them but in the end, it's the editors that will have the final say on what goes into the final poll on Thursday.

Classic Rock. That stuff they play on the radio stations that seem to be stuck in the past. The bands that all the "cool" kids in 8th grade wear on their t-shirts. The music that brought us epic, overplayed songs like Stairway to Heaven and Freebird. The bands that some of us old people listen to once in a while to try to relive our youth.

You know what to do. Turn on that classic rock station in your head. What's it playing? Don't Fear the Reaper? Girls, Girls, Girls? Wish You Were Here? Space Oddity?

What's your favorite classic rock song? Nominate as many as you want. This thread will be active until Wednesday at 10pm and the poll itself will go up on Thursday morning.

aqualung.jpgBaby Huey eyes little girls with bad intent.

Aqualung - Jethro Tull

SITTING ON A PARK BENCH. Seriously, dude. I don't know how much I can say about this song, because it just rules so hard. It's got everything I love about the Tull. It's chaotic, it's wonky, it's got a great guitar solo, and for fuck's sake, they use the word "snot" as a lyric.

Sure, they shouldn't have ever won a Grammy for best metal album, but this song rules and if you disagree, Imma shank you.

The editors were too lazy to get their songs in to the post and will put them in the comments like regular folk. For chrissakes, it's Sunday. Leave us alone.

Baby Huey would like it to be known that the OTHER editors were too lazy. He shat out that description in like 4 minutes, and thinks this should win simply because he said so.

Update: Don't try to get all fancy and stuff and nominate lesser known songs of famous classic rock artists. We're basically sticking to the known and loved here, otherwise the list could get out of hand.

If you are having trouble deciding, try this list on for size.


'Here I go Again' Whitesnake which is in fact my favourite song of all time.

Other ones:

'Kashmir' Led Zep
'Number of the Beast' Iron Maiden


Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

For starters.


If we're including metal, then I have to throw in Dio's Last in Line. Hilarious theater, and wasn't that a very young Pauly Shore in the video?

Smoke on the Water

Hair of the Dog

Rock and Roll Part 2


Karn Evil 9 - seven virgins and a mule, after all ...

Sweet Emotion

Black Betty

Do You Feel Like I Do?


Sweet Home Alabama

Black Dog

If you need the artists' names, ask your mommy.


If you need the artists' names, ask your mommy.

I second Smoke on the Water.


Layla: Best... riff... ever (no, not the neutered "unplugged" version)

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic: A perfect song

Back In Black: Hmm, OK, maybe this has the best riff ever

Piano Man: The best bar anthem (who hasn't swayed along to this one?)


Oh, I second Layla, again, the original version. The extended instrumental part at the end is always amazing.

I'll add Simple Man, Have a Cigar, and Frankenstein.


Ooh, another vote for Roundabout.

Wish You Were Here.
Double Vision.
Aerosmith - "Dream On"
CSNY - "Ohio"


A lot of my favs have already been mentioned. I'll second all of it especially Kashmir, but take out Piano Man...I've heard it at too many open mike nights. Seasons Don't Fear the Reaper should have the "best use of cowbell" tag added to it whenever it's mentioned. Well...it should.

Baba O'Riley For me, this is the definitive Who song.

Sympathy for the Devil No, I don't like the Stones, I've mentioned that, but I LOVE this song.

Highway Star My foot goes down when this comes on.

Reelin' in the Years Best. Guitar. Solo. Ever. I'm just sayin'...

Low Rider Come on...you know you love this song, admit it. When it comes on in "Gone in 60 Seconds"? Huh? Yeah, you loved that.

Billion Dollar Babies Because Alice must be represented and School's Out isn't as good.

South City Midnight Lady Best "it's 3 A.M. and I'm comin' down" song ever...and it's in my key so I don't annoy the folks around me.

Has anyone else heard Roger Waters' and Van Morrison's version of Comfortably Numb from The Departed? Better than the original. Seriously. Van's voice adds a lot to that song.


Van's voice adds a lot to that song.


I'm going to go with Bohemian Rhapsody. Brilliantly constructed, fantastic melody--perfect classic rock song.


Am I the only one here having a problem with 80s metal songs like Number of the Beast being called 'classic rock'?

Thanks for the further proof that I am now 'old'.


I'm going to have to go with "Ballroom Blitz". I don't know who did it originally, but every time I hear it I have to sing it at the top of my lungs and do the corresponding dance moves I made up to go with it when I was a kid.


Now, this is a poll I could really get into.

I love me some classic rock.

I do want to add something though... as much as I love Piano Man is that REALLY considered classic "rock"... just wondering, because I would not put that in a rock catergory... maybe BEST EPIC SONGS catergory!

Anywhoooo--my votes go to ..

Shooting Star - BAD COMPANY

All Along the Watchtower- HENDRIX

Light my Fire- THE DOORS

HOtel California- THE EAGLES

Stairway to Heaven- LED ZEPPELIN ( hell, my vote goes to any Led Zep)

Ok, I am DONE!


Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath
cause I like dope songs

I Can See For Miles - The Who
Cause I like paranoid stalker songs

Old Man - Neil Young
Don't know why I like this song but I do. Maybe it's the lyrics

Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
cause Cream had Ginger Baker in it and and anyone who is named Ginger Baker must be cool


Y'all have some excellent nominations going!

My two cents:

Cheap Trick - Surrender

Golden Earring - Radar Love, Twilight Zone

Ted Nugent - Stranglehold

Pink Floyd - Time, Money, and Brain Damage/Eclipse

Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me, Rain Song, Dazed and Confused, and Whole Lotta Love

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle

Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home (Original or Electric Version...both are good)

Al Stewart - Year of the Cat

Rush - YYZ, Red Barchetta, Subdivisions...and the obligatory Tom Sawyer

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

Bad Company - Burnin' Sky

Cream - White Room, Strangebrew

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Yes - Roundabout

Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well

Nazareth - Hair of the Dog

Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home

The Cars - Since You're Gone

Van Halen - Eruption/You Really Got Me, Runnin' with the Devil

ZZ Top - La Grange


Sweet did Ballroom Blitz, which prompts me to list:

Sweet FA by Sweet
Set Me Free By Sweet
Turtle hit it with Sweet Leaf:)


Allman Brothers - Whipping Post

This Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town


How did I forget Lunatic Fringe. I get chills when that song starts.


Wow, that's a good one Timmer


Most of the nominations so far kick butt, so I won't repeat them. Here is one though:

Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

As for AC/DC, I'll pretty much nominate every song from 'Back In Black' which to this day remains in my view, the greatest hard rock album ever.


Aerosmith: Sweet Emotion
The Doors: L.A. Woman
Skynyrd: Freebird (now it's official)


There's far too many for me to pick one, but I'll add in one that belongs here

Rush The temples of Syrinx

One other note, I'm pretty happy there are no Dead tunes up there.
Actually, I'm very happy and a little depressed because now I've gone and reminded of the Dead so I'll have to see Shakedown Street or Morning Dew.
(Here's hoping it's Touch of Gray just to really bother the Dead-Heads.)


Touch of Grey - Grateful Dead


Sufragette City - David Bowie


Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum.


I have no favorite classic rock songs. I think i hate all the ones they play over and over on the radio.

Maybe "Easy Livin" by Uriah Heep. And I'll second "Whippin Post" by the Allman Brothers, because it's fun as hell to play.


oh, Ernie- How would hearing "London Calling" on a classic rock station make you feel? They play it on our local one.


ok i give in- The Cradle Will Rock by Van Halen is one of my favorites. Have you seen juniors grades?


Black Dog
Purple Haze
All Day And All Of The Night


anything allmans

melissa in particular
ramble on LZ
goin to california
fairies wear boots BS
for those about to rock ACDC
no sugar tonight/new mother nature - guess who
workin' man - rush
they call me the breeze - skynyrd

and yes i second and third and fourth shelter me...


Pril, they don't play London Calling on the radio around here. The only thing I ever hear from The Clash on the radio is Combat Rock. Last time I went to try and meet some musicians to play with, I suggested we jam to 'Death or Glory'. Nobody had heard it. SO LAME :P

And Classic DLH Van Halen rules.
Everybody Wants Some
Beautiful Girls


I didn't see it until just after I typed my nom, but I third

Whipping Post by the Allman Bros. Band.

As I did see.. anything by them works, but my specific wish is for the above noted.

Gonna have to nominate Elvis Costello too.. Radio or Pump it Up..

He gets a lot of airply where I live... so I get to hear it a lot... his older stuff, at least.


Okay, if we'e going to classic rock, for Rush I gotta go with Workin' Man.

Isn't anything off 2112 considered Prog?

Turtle/Michele, ruling?


VEESHIR--- I was so going to go with RIPPLE, but I was afraid I would get flamed for it!

Lunatic Fringe is a definite yes on me as well!

And, one more to the list:

ANGIE-Rolling Stones!

and I must now tear myself away or I will spend all day adding other nominations.. especially after listening to the CR station for a few hours today!


you guys can nominate anything you want.

as far as Rush, I think it is cool.


"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" - The song that turned me on to the scene in the late 60's and early 70's.

"Magic Carpet Ride"

"Summertime Blues" by Blue Cheer

"Ball and Chain" by Janis Joplin (Ok, so it's the blues, so sue me)

"Purple Haze" by Hendrix

"Them Changes" by Buddy Miles

"Layla" by the Kinks


Rush; Tom Sawyer

Triumph; Magic power

Velvet Underground; Sweet Jane
Walk On The Wild Side

Molly Hatchet; Flirtin' with disaster

Cream; White Room

Queen; Bohemian Rhapsody


Thanks turtle, that made me laugh.

As for 2112, I was thinking of Working Man, but I would have had to specify the live version.

And to quote Tom Sawyer, "All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted.... it's really just a question of your honesty..."

Which was a good response until Big Money came out.


Can we just pretend I said, "Spirit of Radio" and leave it at that?


Okay, because my kid will thrash me if I don't: Slow Ride by Foghat... for the absolute obvious reason.


Well, if we're going to talk Classic Rock, and Blue Oyster Cult, doesn't it have to be Cities on Flame?

(Honestly, their best stuff never gets played on the radio.

I can't say I've ever heard anything off of Secret Treaties broadcast. Or anything off the first album except maybe Cities.

But I've heard Godzilla and that god damn Reaper song enough times to make me puke. Oh, and Burnin' For You.

But why not Fire of Unknown Origin?)


Thin Lizzy - Cowboy Song
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
The Who - All of their singles. Seriously.
The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night
Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla
Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary


I love 2112 but Workin' Man is just, more Classic Rock in my head.

And if old Elvis Costello gets in, then anything by Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds and Rockpile.

I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock'n'Roll


Jeff Beck-Freeway Jam and Blue Wind


i don't know why and maybe it is just me, but I have never liked White Room.

I must be missing something


There are so many better Cream songs than White Room.

Anything Van Halen (not Van Hagar), particularly Eruption/You Really Got Me

Purple Haze

I second Beck's Freeway Jam. Awesome stuff.

And I fourth Whipping Post.


What's wrong with you people? No mention of Bob??

OK, anything by Dylan...

Tangled Up In Blue
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Subterranean Homesick Blues

...just to name a few.


"Baba O'Riley" by The Who
"He's a Whore" by Cheap Trick
"Paint It Black" by the Stones


Yeah, go with He's a Whore. That song rules.


If we're gonna go with Dylan I'd say "Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again."


Philbrick, that's a good one. I tried to stick to the better known songs, you know, given the rules put upon us. Damn rules.


I am the song nazi!!

That said, I'm not much of a Dylan fan, but I do love Stuck Inside....


Michele!! Say it's not true! I just cried a little.


you're all a buncha dirty hippies

simple man - skynyrd
hey hey what can i say - zep
gimmie shelter - stones
baba o'reily - who
unchained - VH
revolution - beatles
paranoid - sabbath
roadhouse blues - doors


This is like crack!
Every song I read reminds me of another one-
1971-Hocus Pocus by Focus


I nominate American Pie by Don Mclean. I heard it today and listened to the whole thing. It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy.


Some possible gap fillers that bring back memories if they come on the jurassic station:

More Than a Feeling - Boston
House of the Rising Sun - Animals
Let it Go - Def Leppard (1981)
Ah! Leah! - Donny Iris (yeah, shuddup)
Do You Feel Like We Do - Frampton
Lola - Kinks
What I Like About You - Romantics
Sweet Talkin' Woman - ELO
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood
Barrcuda - Heart
Detroit Rock City - Kiss
The Voice - Moody Blues
Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf (since no one else did)
Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller
Suite Madame Blue - Styx
Fight the Good Fight - Truimph
Lights Out - UFO
Easy Livin' - Uriah Heep
Hocus Pocus - Focus :P

We Built This City - Starship



I could go on and on so I'll keep it to ten, and only one per band:

Since I Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
More Than a Feeling - Boston
Starship Trooper - Yes
See Me Feel Me - The Who
Song for America - Kansas
Dreams I'll Never See - Molly Hatchet
Blue Sky - Allman Brothers Band
Limelight - Rush
Cocaine - Eric Clapton
Turn it on Again - Genesis (yeah, I know I'll probably get flogged for that one)


The flogging belongs to the person who nominated Starship.


I Can't Get No Satisfaction by THE ROLLING STONES

Black Dog by LED ZEPPLIN


There is going to be a lot of whittling down for this TAFC. I'm going to open the Hendrix talk with "The Wind Cries Mary" and "Foxey Lady".


Yes you are showing your age. Then again when I read some rocker saying..."I remember when I was 7 and listened to Iron Maiden for the first time."


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