You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round
by Cullen James

I don’t tend to listen to a variety of music at any given time. While my musical appetite is eclectic, I usually fixate on one band or artist or album and absorb it for a few days or even weeks. Then I move on to the next. phonograph11.jpgWhen I come back to an artist (usually months, sometimes years, later) I still have a strong connection with the music because of such previous studious listening.

Currently in rotation is Chet Atkins “More of that Guitar Country.” While this is not my first time hearing some of these songs, it is my first time listening to this particular CD. The CD is a collection of two LPs that were originally released in 1964 and ’65.

I have written about Chet Atkins before. I won’t go into detail about him here (Though I will address a comment someone made in that old post: While Atkins is from Tennessee, he was forced to move to Georgia when he was young due to an asthma condition).

There is so much going on within the confines of this collection it’s hard to wrap my mind around it. Anyone who thinks they can pigeonhole Atkins into the simple stereotype of “country guitarist” probably hasn’t listened much to anything the guy ever played. My heart skips at least twice in every song on this album. It’s gorgeous, and the sheer quality of his tone and the ability that was in those fingers is as obvious today as it was then.

So, what’s occupying your CD/MP3 player right now? Do you share my affliction? Can you shuffle? Is there a cure?

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I've been running my iPod's Rock playlist on shuffle for the last couple of weeks.

Currently Simple Minds' version of Biko is on.

I rarely listen to an entire album since much of my collection is made up of "Greatest Hits."


I tend to obsess about bands/albums/songs. While at home at the computer I listen to the winamp on shuffle, but at work, in the car or in any other room in the house, it's full albums. I will take an album and listen to it over and over and over again for a week or two or three.

Two weeks ago it was Radiohead, OK Computer.

Now I'm currently obsessing over the entire QOTSA catalog, which I do about once a month. It's all I listen to at work.

I once listened to "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria 126 times in three days.


i've been listening to "Regular John" several times a day for the last week or so.


I've been listening to a lot of Buddy Holly recently.


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