I'm Bored Part 3
by Turtle Jones

fingerlighter.jpgI hate Peeps. I think they are disgusting little mobs of goo. Name one person that has never gotten sick on them at least once in their life. Everyone hates Peeps.

I like lighters. I love Zippos. I have a passion for the stench of the burn. Everyone likes Zippos.

I like fire. Specifically, I like things that are on fire or anything that causes fire or burns it hotter or faster. Everyone likes fire.

I get bored easily. Very easily. I don't like being bored.

Often, I do something about it.







God, I love Zippos.


Oh the humanity!! Can't you hear them peeping in pain and terror?!?!

Cadbury Eggs filled with Peeps would be the ultimate Easter candy.


Please do it again and take a lot more pictures so that we can make one of them cartoon movie things where you flip the pages and the bunnies die.


You "art" has made the house smell like lighter fluid and dead bunnies.


I like all the bottles of hot cock sauce in the background. Nice.


that was fucking fantastic.

i'm inspired. i bet the firemen are all bored tonight.

that can be changed.



The only thing better than fire is fire and sex.


Awesome. Fuck peeps.

Cadbury Creme eggs are where it's at. Somehow, though, I didn't have a single one this Easter. Which makes me sad.

Fuck I want to burn something now.


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