I Got My 20 Sided Die
by Meg

20%20Sided%20Black%205%20Inch.jpgI love introducing new players to D&D, sort of like a crack dealer of the tabletop gaming world. With new players, adventuring actually is an adventure. Longtime gamers see a group of kobolds and cast sleep on the entire group of low hit die creatures. They see a grick and pull out their magical weapons. Long-time gamers even have Pavlovian responses to the appearance of a hex grid.

But new players? You can go so far as to say "roll initiative" in front of them and nothing happens.

Stick and I convinced our neighbors Hugo and Diana that Dungeons & Dragons would be an awesome way to spend a Saturday. Hugo and Diana were really the main reason we moved to this complex. It's like a sitcom about classicists trying to maintain jobs, except those two are so cool that I'm a little afraid that it's Stick and me who are the wacky neighbors, and they're the protagonists.

Stick explained the basics, higher numbers are better. Roll a 20-sided die for everything... except when you don't. Get used to the acronyms. And try not to get killed. Hugo is a computer gamer, so he kept referring to his life meter... you know, that stat we usually call "hit points".

I was a little annoyed that Stick didn't give me the Staff Of Reveal Plot, or the Bracelet of Protection From Everything. As the GM's girlfriend, I really should get something like that. But that's OK, I'll get my revenge. I'm going to hide all of Stick's monster miniatures before next week's game.

Meg wants Stick's staff.



So...what level Dungeon Master are you guys?



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