Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot...
by Pat Carbonell

Well, to tell the truth, I feel like the world's biggest heel posting this article during FTTW's First Birthday Bash. However, as one of my favorite quotes goes, "Life is what happens while you're making other plans".

witch1123.jpgLife has been... happening, and it has become very difficult for me to squeeze out enough focused personal time to write my weekly articles, sooooooooo, I'm writing this week to let you, my loyal readers, know that I'm backing down from a weekly column. I am really sorry.

The last article I posted was about the pagan Year Wheel, and that's the point from which I will continue to write and post articles. You'll see a new article post from me a week or so prior to each of the pagan Solar Festivals. Next one coming up is Litha, Summer Solstice, so you'll be seeing an article from me around June 14th.

Just in case you want to keep track of when to look for me (isn't that presumptuous?!), here's the Sabbat list:

1. Yule - Winter solstice Dec. 20th or 21st
2. Imbolg Feb. 1st or 2nd
3. Oestara - Vernal Equinox Mar. 20th or 21st
4. Beltaine May 1st or 5th
5. Litha - Summer Solstice June 20th or 21st
6. Lughnasadh Aug. 2nd or 7th
7. Mabon - Autumnal Equinox Sept. 22nd or 23rd
8. Samhain Nov. 1st or 7th

Of course, things will (not might, but will) change. As things happen that affect the pagan community, like the recent decision to allow the pentacle on V.A.-provided headstones, I will probably send in an article that Michele & Turtle will graciously find room for. Or when things are calm and I can do a decent article on some aspect of paganism or witchcraft, I will. I hope to eventually be able to get back to a weekly or bi-weekly column.

I do want to thank all of you that have read and, I hope, enjoyed, my articles. I will miss looking for your comments every week; they generally brightened my days.

In the meantime, I hope you all take care of yourselves, enjoy the summer to the fullest, and Blessed Be!

Goodbye, Pat. Or rather, so long for now....

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"Life is what happens while you're making other plans".


I for one will definitely keep an eye out. Thanks Pat!!!



What, you expected something more dignified?


Don't fret people, I'll keep bugging her to write more. I live with her so she can't avoid it. ;D


As a fellow witch, who is only just starting down her path I will miss you every week =( I have learnt more from your columns than I have anywhere else.

So thank you.

Blessed Be


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