So It's Only Been A Year?
by turtle and michele


Well happy birthday then.

Well, honestly, I never thought that FTTW would ever become what it is today. I mean really. This hasn't really been my thing. Typing on the internet. I knew I could like write funny stuff and do a bunch of neato things, but I never really wanted to actively pursue anything like this. I've been out on stage too many times to really want to jump back in so soon after I left. I was just happy making bullshit responses on other sites while trying to get the Cult of Turtle ever larger each and every day. But not on a website. There couldn't be that many people out there who would actually enjoy this. Much less take a part in it. I mean, I knew people were out there who would like to read something like this, but I never thought it would involve me.

Or any of you.

Since the beginning of this site and still, a little bit, today, I have been in kinda of awe at what you guys do everyday to keep this thing alive. Yes, I edit this stuff at night and in some cases put pretty pictures in them, but for the most part, this is all about you. The writers, readers and the lurkers. With this site, I have inadvertently made a bunch of friends and found out how really strong a friendship on the internet could be. It was only a year ago I was on the West Coast with just a few jokes and a few ideas. Now for some strange reason I am in New York with a bunch of friends all striving to be creative. Believe it or not, I do read all of these articles submitted. Cept the ones where Deb goes a little too Anti-Anaheim Ducks, but the other ones I read and with reading them, I feel as though I know all of you a little bit better. Even the commentators. And that is you. And you.

20030813_reno_nevada_circus.jpgSo yeah. It's been a weird, strange and fun year. Tiring, exhaustingly and frustrating as well. Sometimes I wonder why we all do what we do and sometimes I wonder why we never did this before. So see, it's confusing. Hated something and loving it at the same time reminds of my old drug days, but with this FTTW drug, I really don't see an end to it anytime soon.

So thank you everyone for having a good time doing whatever it is we are doing. Reading, writing, commentating or just lurking. Whatever it is, keep on doing it.

FTTW was a site that started on having fun and it seems like we are all still having it.

So what the fuck...

Let's do another year. - T

First birthdays are cool. Cake, ice cream, balloons, clowns.....wait, I don't want any clowns. I just want to party with all the FTTW writers and readers.

I loved doing FTTW from the beginning, when it was just me and turtle. But when we brought on a whole slew of writers, it became bigger than the both of us. It wasn't just a website anymore. It was a gathering place.

The writers have become my friends. I've gotten to know our readers, and a lot of our early readers ended up becoming writers. It's a big circle jerk of mutual admiration around here. Well, less messy than a circle jerk. But almost as satisfying. I assume.

A lot has happened around here in a year. The site grew more than I ever thought it would. Writers came, writers went, more writers came around. Turtle moved to New York and we were able to actually sit in the same room - same time zone! - and write together. The site had its growing pains, went through several designs and incarnations til we came up with this magazine format. I like it. It works. Having this many talented writers gathered under a site turtle and I created is both inspiring and humbling.

To all our readers, thanks for sticking around and for commenting and emailing and reading what we all write. Stick with us, we've got a lot more up our sleeves for the next year.

To our writers, past and present, thanks for all you have done to make this a great experience thus far. Thanks for all your articles and brainstorming and sharing the moonshine still and meth lab and potato chips. And thanks for letting us get to know you. You really are an eclectic, amazing group of people and we're lucky to have spent this year with you.

Let's do another. -M


*BLUSH* Awwwww, shucks! Yer welcome. *hugs*


Thanks to you guys we are all here - fun times!! Bring on another year....we have moonshine AND potato chips now? Can it get any better??


I'm happy to have been a part of all this. Can't wait for the next year.

Moonshine, etc. is OK, but I only require coffee and cheesecake.


Happy birthday FTTW! Looking forward to another great year--thanks for bringing me on guys!


Wow one year this week! Hard to believe it!

Happy Birthday FTTW!

This is the greatest website ever created. So that's pretty good for the first year.


Now that Cullen has ushered in the video era of FTTW, next year I want to see some videos of Turtle doing burn-outs on his motorcycle.


¡Felicitaciones a todos! Especialmente Sr. Turtle y Srta. Michelle. ¡Buena suerte en el año de venir!


Mimes complete ecstacy and joy...fulling expecting to be shot in the head just as soon as I start the freaking butterfly---BANG---


You really are an eclectic, amazing group of people and we're lucky to have spent this year with you.

Uh, how did you find out the county made me put one of those eclectic things on my ankle for 6 months?

I don't remember mentioning that at all.


I love this place and I love what you guys do for us here.

I wish everyone could have some of my percodans and feel like I do right now.

Very warm and fuzzy. and sleepy. nite.


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