settling a bet
by Michele Christopher

As per this post, and the New York Jets crushing loss to the Pats today in a very exciting game, I hereby fulfill my end of the wager I had with Ernie, with a four stanza poem in which I declare my love for the New England Patriots.

Except I don't do exactly that. But I did the best I could under the circumstances. Duress and all that. Making me think of how much I hate Blesdoe. Making me get that bitter taste of Parcells in my mouth again. This was the best I could do and damn it, that's good enough.

Ode to the New England Patriots

I’m supposed to be nice in this poem
but that’s kinda hard, you know
when I have to write about a team
whose past includes blesdoe

and not to mention also
the various forms of hells
that I would have to think about
in order to mention parcells

plus the fact that its’s new england
which includes boston in its place
which makes me think of the red sox
which makes me want to stab your face

so I’m trying hard to be nice here
and use language like a lady
but the only thing I can come up with
is “do you have naked pics of tom brady?”



Ha ha that is funny. Hope it was not too painful to write.

All I can say is 'whew' because I was sweating there at the end ;) Thank you Tedy Bruschi.


the piper has been paid

/althou i did say in the rules you wouldn't be sarcastc, and since you clearly broke the rules, michele,

I offer ernie a chance of redemption.

Like a steel cage match.

Ernie, if he so chooses, can make a blistering totally sarcastic 4 poem stanza about how either the pats are the greatest team in the world or how bad the jets suck and we will post it as an update to this post.

This is ernies call.


You're just not going to let this end, are you?

The Packers play the Eagles first week in October. You might as well get a head start on getting finn and I to make a bet that week.


A challenge then is sent out!

A challenge to thefinn!!!

Two enters, one leaves!

michele - packers
thefinn - eagles

i will decide what the wager will be later in the week


I am going to let her off the hook because if it was me, you'd still be waiting for a poem and it probably would have been 4 stanzas with the statement 'The Jets uniform is green'.

Besides, there's another Pats / Jets match-up in November...


you are too nice to her


I'll take a piece of that... The Iggle's will look fantastic for three quarters and then everything'll go to shit in the last 10 minutes.

What rhymes with "Packers"....


Heh. I was already thinking that Iggles rhymes with jiggles.


Forget about the Packers' on-field, uhh, "performance". The wagering needs to involve what week Favre actually cries at the press conference. He got really close yesterday but pulled back at the last minute.


That's mean, Ian.

Ok, I'll take week 5.


Favre goes home after every game and chokes up like a sixth grade girl who just found out that nobody likes her. He needs to retire and end our national misery. I'm still waiting for him to take responsibility and say "I need to do better" instead of "We need to do better." The only way Favre could redeem himself is if he beats the cranston out of T.O. whom I hate worse than Osama, snakes, and sushi.


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