Michele and Turtle Get Inked
by Turtle Jones

For some reason we thought it would be fun to just mess around tonight. We invite you to do the same. Instead of some crazy story or some poll, we thought it might be fun to look inside our minds. What makes us all tick and why we talk, act, fuck, eat, think and walk the way we do. Oh come on. You know you are curious so let's do this right.

Michele and turtle do the Rorschach test


turtle gets a shrink

Hey, what the hell. You want me to tell you what goes in my head? Ok. I'll tell you. When I look at this one the first thing that comes to my mind is sex. Really. It's sex on two levels. One is a look like a woman's hips. Ovaries up in the corners with the hipbone. Also it looks like some transvestite porn star with a strap-on on her back. Some kind of weird gay rodeo thing throwing her hat off as you ride her. So that tells me I like cowboy chicks with dicks. Hm. Might have to move to Texas to fix that one. You never know thou.

Michele sees weeners:

This shows the trajectory path of a penis as it makes its way into the vaginal canal.

It’s a fairly large penis and seems to be wrapped in a hot dog bun. Notice how the weener sticks out of the bun. Just like life. You make a hot dog, put it in the bun and realize that there is not enough bread to cover your weener. That stuff on the side is all the sauerkraut and chili and relish falling off the hot dog because the bun was not big enough to hold it all.

The objects to either side of/above the hot dog are two bears doing the Macarena while dancing around hula hoops. Why are they so happy? Because you dropped your chili, sauerkraut and relish all over the floor and now they will have something to eat.

So obviously this inkblot represents the inadequacy of the food industry and how it impacts the eating cycle of wild, dancing bears.

Or, it could be a diagram showing how tampons work.

rorschach like.gif.jpg

turtle wonders about his destructiveness next

This one makes me think of Legos. I have no idea why, but I think of them. Maybe from thoughts in my past when I played with Legos. They were fun. They stacked up, built castles and broke fast. These were toys. You know there is nothing better then melting Legos. I like the simplicity of putting something together that took some much time to do then destroying it in less then 15 minutes in a giant ball of fire. The smell of plastic and poison gas as your nose was filled with black fumes.

Smelled like...


So I guess the picture tells me I am either a pyromaniac or obsessive compulsive about building things then destroying them. Go figure.

michele sees something sexual:

This is a guy yelling at another guy. He’s saying “What the hell? You were wearing a dress. High heels. You smelled like a perfume sample from Cosmo magazine. What the fuck are you doing with a penis? Jesus Christ, mate. I thought I was gonna get laid by a hot chick here tonight!’ And the other guy is saying “I don’t care how surprised you are, you’re not getting your money back. The pants came off, the deal is done.” And then the other guy says “Well. Can I call you Sherry?”

Clearly, this is about bad business deals.

And chicks with dicks.


turtle gets Hatari!

Well this is obviously an elephant with a penis nose. Don't ask me what it means thou but I'm sure it would make a great porno. - T

michele is australian for sex:

Ok, here we have Crash Bandicoot. He doesn’t look very happy. Why? Because he he came home from a hard day busting crates and found Coco in bed with Dr. Cortex. Oh yes, I know that Coco is Crash’s sister, but I do believe that doesn’t matter in the bandicoot kingdom. They had a thing going. He thought it was more than just friends with benefits. Something deeper. But apparently not, because Coco was spread out on the bed like a two dollar whore while Dr. Neo banged away at her. Look at Crash’s eyes. The guy is on fire with jealousy and rage. But the way his ears bend down tell me that he’s very sad, too. We’re looking at a murder/suicide in Tasmania tonight.

Obviously, this inkblot represents the phrase “Michele, put the game controllers down.”

So that's what we got. This is what we do here. Bare our soul and let you all in on the inner workings of FTTW. Sometimes we are a little weird, but most days we are kinda insane.

I don't know. See what you see in the three. Maybe we are sane.

What do you see?

Late Night Typing has been tested by the several psychiatrists and found to be sexually frustrated.



I see sexually frustrated dead people.


Rorschach isn't trapped in here with us, we are trapped in here with Rorschach.

1. Kind of looks like a kabuki mask, or maybe some kind of Norwiegan black metal face paint.

2. At the top, it looks like a side view of Pac Man looking at himself in the mirror, the bottom looks like a top view of one of the ghosts looking in the mirror.

3. Looks like some kind of weird super beatle with evil wings. This would be a really cool horror movie creature.


1. is a dog from behind (i'm so sick that's just plain gross)

2. is a lobster

3. is two birds carrying a motorcycle. (an aprilia from the looks of it)

i sense some sort of animal motif..


1. Siamese Twins waving.

2. Man gasping holding his hands to his face.

3. It's Silence of the Lambs people, Silence of the Lambs.


I see a rabbit, a diagram of a womans reproductive system and a dog. And I have no idea what any of that means but I'm going to go listen to 'Psycho Therapy' and see if it helps.


1. I see the hips/pelvis thing too, right away, like an x-ray.
2. 2 people rubbing their chests together.
3. A wolf


1. Koala bear on fire.
2. Snails making out near Lookout point.
3. The evil elephant that lives in my closet.

Maybe I should seek professional help....


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