Looking Ahead To The New Year
by Matthew Chase

Gee, it occurred to me this evening that this article will be posted on Christmas. Now that I’ve told countless Christmas stories, I’m not really sure where to begin this week. Perhaps I should begin by letting you all know that I am in the process of planning a show for the springtime. No dates have been confirmed, but negotiations on a space for the event are in talks. I will be doing a show to benefit my nephew. Now before you go off thinking that I’m all about spoiling this beautiful boy, you’re right. I am. But not in the way that you think.

DirtyHarry1.jpgMy nephew has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. A big name for “He’s in pain a lot”. So the proceeds from the show will go to his medical bills and for his many prescriptions, while also a small portion will go into the coffers for RoaDiva Productions, in order to insure a better show the next time we decide to throw a benefit. I will be gradually getting more and more excited the closer this small dream comes to becoming a reality. So let us discuss the year coming up. I have a lot of expectations for 2007. One of which is to complete a show. The other things I am looking forward to include the latest Harry Potter movie, a book called “Amber and Blood” By Margaret Weis, another book, “Dragons of the Highlord Skies”. Also by Margaret Weis with Tracy Hickman, and the release of the movie “Dragons of Autumn Twilight”, which is the film version of the first book in the Dragonlance series.

I am also looking forward to taking a much needed vacation early in the year. Most likely near the beginning of the springtime… It looks as though my place of employment will be taking a month to do some renovations or something similar. So I will have the glorious ability to be laid off for the month, and not have to look for another position. How exciting to have that time to myself! I will have to find some cheap and fun activities to do because of my modified income. Any ideas? I am also very curious as to the new “Transformers” movie to be released in July. (Tentatively)

I used to enjoy watching that cartoon show when I was younger, and actually recently saw the animated movie that came out about the same time. I was actually quite shocked to actually see some of my favorite characters were KILLED, that’s right folks, killed. For a Saturday morning cartoon show to actually “off” beloved characters in such a way seemed very traumatic, given the age range of its viewers. Does anyone here recall any Saturday morning cartoon character being killed??? Maybe a Gummi Bear? Maybe Captain Planet got cancer?? Or possibly Porky Pig got a heart attack? I think I would rather have characters sent on a deep space mission, never to be heard from again; than know that they were gunned down like tin targets at the local carnival. Regardless, the new transformers movie is going to be live action, and the robots are going to be Prime_dead.jpgmostly CGI. But the initial trailers and some links can be found at the “Internet Movie Database”, one of my all time favorite sites for anything up and coming in the movie and video world.

So there are many things I look forward to in the coming year. I also wind up looking forward to the unexpected as well. There are always things that pop up for no good reason year to year, whether it is moving to a new home, acquiring a new pet, or just a remodeling of the interior of your current home on a whim. Sometimes those surprises and happenings are the most exciting. Of course there is also tragedy that can occur during the year as well. The loss of a loved one, or the unexpected argument with a close friend. But during those times I try to remember that these ups and downs are what shape me into the man that I am and the man I will become in the future. I know that it isn’t always easy, but it helps to think that there is a plan out there and once I’ve figured it out, I’ll be at the end of the road. So I take heart in that I DON”T know what is in store for me, because I’m far from leaving this world…

Well folks, I’m a busy queen this holiday season, so I’ll let you go to enjoy the merriment of the closing of the year. I will see you all in the New Year, and we can discuss the crazy things that happened to me over the holiday. Because every year SOMETHING funny happens. Please play safely today, and during your new years festivities. Merry Christmas!

Matthew was in therapy for years after the traumatic death of Optimus Prime.


Wow. I never saw that movie. They killed Prime? At least it wasn't Soundwave. He was my favorite.


Actually the funy thing is Soundwave was sent on a deep space mission and barely heard from again.. wierd huh?


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