A Week Later
by Matthew Chase

Well another week has flown by and it looks as though last weeks article pushed a few buttons! To clarify, the point I was trying to make, is that everyone works hard and barely seems to get properly compensated. I have a lot of respect for families and the people who work hard to provide for them. However as a single person, I can only speak from my own observations and experiences. There are bad employees and workers everywhere in the world, and there are wonderful workers everywhere as well. As my mother would say, it’s six of one, half dozen of another. My apologies go out to those who may have been offended by anything that was said. It was not intended to be a biting article, but a column about the unfairness that people go through daily in their working lives. Married and single alike.

Now then I have spent all week trying to think of something to write about that would not cause such a stir as last weeks article, and lately I have been coming up with bubkes, nothing at all. I try very hard not to point fingers at those that I know that cause me stress, because it’s not polite, and because the pen is mightier than the sword. One can always write about the truth, but then again, that’s always a subject of perspective isn’t it? So what exactly is the truth in this ever changing world? klepto-shoe.gif I suppose we never will know simply because we all have our own ideas about what is correct and what is not. Though there are a few things that I personally believe are WRONG, among them are stealing, adultery, and lying… There are others but that’s just the three big ones. I am not without fault because I have broken my own rules. But I still see it as wrong, and emotionally batter myself whenever I catch myself doing something I find morally wrong. It really can sometimes amaze me when people do these things without having any feelings of guilt at all. I have a drag queen friend who used to be a complete kleptomaniac. He would steal shoes, jewelry, and even dresses! He has since reformed, however his lack of guilt for those occurrences to this day makes me wonder what kind of conscience allows for such behavior? I know that I once stole a bracelet by accident. I had been trying it on, and was suddenly dragged out of the store by my friend in such a rush I completely forgot that I had it on. I felt extremely bad about it, but could not get my friend to turn the car around so that I could bring it back. So I gave the bracelet away. I didn’t want a reminder of that accident staring me in the face on a regular basis.

I have been guilty of adultery as well, having had an encounter with a married man, only I was not aware of his marital status until AFTER the encounter. I felt horrible and vowed never to make that mistake ever again. When two people make a commitment, it is to me the responsibility of the people they meet to honor that commitment either until they divorce, or until one of them dies… If a couple separates, it is up to the discretion of the parties involved. As I have said, this is just my own opinion, I am sure there are a few people out there who would disagree with me.

pinocchio.gif Lying happens to be the rule I break most often, most often to spare someone negative feelings, like “No really you look great!” But on occasion I do tell larger fibs, and you know what? Every time I tell one of the larger ones, I never get away with it. Proof that it will always unravel upon you. I don’t believe any of these rules should be broken either. It never bodes well to enable someone to cheat upon a spouse, to lie without reserve, or to steal anything that you do not have the cash to pay for. I have still as I said, been guilty, but it won’t stop me from pushing myself to become a better person. So I learn from my mistakes and continue to move on. I wonder, how many people can say that about themselves. I wonder even more, about the people who say they have high moral fiber, and yet dabble consistently in such affairs, without looking at themselves and saying “Gee, I continue to repeat doing these things, and have not yet made any attempt to better myself.”

It almost seems to me that it is more wrong to continue behavior that is not acceptable, then to admit that you were wrong and discontinue the behavior. Either way I suppose it only matters to me, I don’t set any rules for life or behavior, I just live by my own set of rules and principals, or
at least I try to. As for everyone else, you do what you feel you need to, but sooner or later, it just might blow up in your face like it did for me, or you may find yourself isolated and alone. The repercussions of bad behavior are not up to me to decide, it is for the higher power, whether it be fate, or your choice of god(s).

So there we have it, another potentially controversial article. Well all I can say is that this article is my voice, and I have said what I feel, but maybe not what is necessarily true. I point no fingers at any person, merely state what I have come to believe about myself. I wish all of my readers’ happiness in the week to come!

So don’t worry about me, I’m a drag queen, what do I know?

Matthew doesn't rely on his magic 8 ball for advice anymore.

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