TAFC#9: Your Favorite Band Sucks! (aka Most Overrated Rock Band)
by Michele Christopher

It's new poll time! This one was suggested by one of our writers and we like it a lot because it invites controversy. And as you know, we love inviting controversy into our world. There's nothing like an argument between Led Zeppelin haters and Jimmy Page worshipers.

Which leads us to the theme of this poll:

2babe_image_male.jpgMost Overrated Rock Band

Sure, one man's Lynyrd Skynyrd is another man's Radiohead. I have no idea what that means, but you get where I'm going. Maybe you can't understand why the Grateful Dead has a Jim Jones-like cult. Maybe you think people who love The White Stripes lack some important chromosome. Maybe you just want to lurk in the comments and be ready to pounce on anyone who dares to call Nirvana overrated.

We've spent so much time giving love to songs and bands and movies in our polls, we think it's time to break out the Haterade. It's March. It's freaking cold outside and there's a layer of ice clinging to my front lawn and my hockey team is slowly taking a dive in the standings. I don't know about the rest of the editors here, but I sure could use some band-hating diversion.

Keep in mind we are talking ROCK bands here, so keep your ABBA hatred on deck for now.

The FTTW editors get you started with their own picks:


Pearl Jam. One incredibly great album followed by a crapload of mediocrity, reaching the pinnacle of suckitude with their cover of Last Kiss. They started out as a "ten" but never reached the perfection of that first album again.

The Eagles. To quote a wise dude: I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!


This is a tough one. I really don't think anyone is overrated, I just don't like a band that everyone else seems to like. People can play whatever they want and they can get hugely popular and influence all these people and they can be the shiny little branch on the tree, but when it comes down to it, I don't like them. I missed something everyone else got.

So when I say I think they are overrated, please just think of it as they are doing their own gig and someone somewhere likes them.

Just not me.

That being said, my list of bands that somehow missed the mark on me are.....

The Clash

Idunno. I missed something there.

Led Zeppelin

Whiff! Right by my head.

The Grateful Dead

Well, I just struck out.

Baby Huey:

Oh man, so much hatred, so little time.


Fuck everything about those pretentious Irish fucks. Seriously. My disdain for them is so great that I can't even form sentences.


I can name at least 5 hard rock/metal bands RIGHT NOW with a female lead singer that are better than Evanescence. And in each case, the singer is hotter than that bitch Amy Lee and could probably beat her ass too.

Linkin Park

Do I even need to say anything?

As I said, someone likes them somewhere and what the hell.... If people like them, what can I say? People seem to be happy listening to them. Just not me.

So let's have it, faithful FTTW readers. What's the most overrated rock band, according to your impeccable taste?

Nominations open til Wednesday midnight. Official poll goes up Thursday, you get results on Friday. We're quick like that.


Nobody asked me but:
I can't stand Disturbed. I hate Creed. Stained really sucks. The Eagles do nothing for me. I "play guitar" and I still don't get Phish, the Allman Bro's Band or the Greatful Dead. I don't dig any of that shit. Guns-n-Roses is way overrated. They have like three albuns. But probably my least favorite has got to be Nickelback - fuck. They're like Metallica ripoffs. And post-Cliff Metallica at that. It's just piss-poor.

Oh. I kinda liked Incubus. Until I saw them live. They had nothin. Of course they came on AFTER Queens of the Stone Age. I mean, how do you follow something like that? You can't. But Incubus suckedubus anyway.


I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but most overrated bands to me are:

Rolling Stones

I think I'll run now.


Someone's getting a massive running-start cockpunch for including The Clash, otherwise known as The Greatest Band Ever! on their list.

The real answer is, of course:

The Doors

Most overrated modern band:

The Strokes


I second Nirvana and I add Bruce Springsteen.

I am, however, climbing into the clock tower to take revenge for The Clash, The Allman Brothers and The Beatles.


Easiest. Question. Ever.




Speaking of Evanescence, I have it on proper expertise, that she does not sing live. If you want a similar type of music, if heavier and not so whingeing, try Within Temptation (The Heart of Eveything). I am listening their new one and it blows spots off the last one of Amy & Co.


The Shins

The Killers

but if we're talking "of all time" ... The Doors, ELO, The Moody Blues, Bruce Springsteen (I like some of it but he is not God.), Elvis.


I'm going to third Springsteen and second the Moody Blues and Led Zeppelin.

I loved Zep in high school and I still listen to them sometimes, but I know enough now to know that they were not the musical gods they were made out to be.


Nirvana, The Who, and the Dead. PLEASE DON'T SMITE ME.
I just never got into any of those bands. Oh! And Pink Floyd. I can listen to one or two of each their songs, but none get me all hyped up and having a brain orgasm at the music.


I think I'll pass on this one. There's something seriously WRONG with you people.

Walks away muttering to myself, "The Clash...the fucking Clash?! Over rated?!!! Oh, and because some stoned "Dude" in a funny movie says so The Eagles have to get dissed? The band that invented modern country? And Pink fucking FLOYD?!"

Turns around, shaking and pointing my fingers a la Lewis Black. "You people are SICK, SICK I tell you?!!!"


Just in case I didn't piss off enough people...

Jane's Addiction


and before Andrew gets in here and joins in on the "Turtle sucks and doesn't know his punk rock history" bandwagon, I would like to say in my own defense that Sham 69 kicked way more ass than the Clash but no one remembers them.


I know he's a solo artist, but c'mon, BOB DYLAN!


You know, I thought it was a joke in the e-mails, but PINK FLOYD?

I wash my hands of this thread.


Add Janis Joplin to my list. Shrieking harpie never did anything good for music.


I HATE THE EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, they make my skin crawl. And Hotel California is one of the most insipid songs this side of Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

And i hate everything that came from the eagles, i.e, Don Henley's solo career.


Shrieking harpie never did anything good for music

And now I realize that the world has gone insane. Or maybe it's opposite day.


You have to love it when people throw band names out there for no other reason than to piss everyone else off.

Unless, of course, the person throwing the name out is just musically ignorant. That could be another excuse.


The Doors are the most overrated band in this, and very likely any other galaxy.


RUSH. I never for the life of me understood how people could listen to them. So aethetically displeasing.



My head is exploding.


NIRVANA--- without a single doubt. I LOATHE them.

It was the whole band wagon that everyone seemed to jump on in 93. I mean the whole waining horrid life thing, it was all so skin-crawly.


You have to love it when people throw band names out there for no other
reason than to piss everyone else off.

Unless, of course, the person throwing the name out is just musically
ignorant. That could be another excuse.

Unless, of course, that person really believes that band is overrated.

Not liking a band that other people like does not make one musically ignorant. It just makes them have different taste than you.


Unless, of course, that person really believes that band is overrated.

And here, that's the case. We may be assholes on this site, but we're assholes with strong opinions and we'll stand by them.

We don't say a band sucks just to get a rise out of you. That's a perk, but it's not why we do it. I do it to vent. I do it because every time I hear someone spew forth how "Where the Streets Have No Name" is the best song ever I want to punch the nearest living thing. Could be my boss, could be my mom, could be an autistic baby. I really don't care at that point.

It's not like I went into an American Idol forum and started spouting off about how much Kelly Clarkson sucks.


//Eagles have to get dissed? The band that invented modern country?//

First of all, the Eagles are not country, and even if they were, being the band that supposedly invented modern country is nothing to be proud of. Because as Hank III says, pop country really sucks.

Now, to join in the hate-fest:

The Beatles - Yeah, I can't stand them. At all.

The Greatful Dead - This is a band that I have never understood or liked. I just don't get any of it. I think they just plain suck frankly.

For 'modern bands' I have to elect Blues Traveler. Yeah that guy is a really good harmonica player. But do I have to listen to it?

There you go. Hate on.


I second these bands as well:

Led Zep - what Michele said

Pink Floyd. - Let me say that I used to LOVE Pink Floyd. Now, eh. And you know the entire album The Wall is like the same 3 chords in every song right? BORING.


I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Eric Clapton. He's not half the guitarist he thinks he is, and the worship the baby boomers pile on him is nothing but nauseating.


There are two that immediately come to mind:

The Grateful Dead - Sorry Deadheads, but the band is not only overrated, they just outright SUCK. I've tried and tried to figure out exactly what it is that deadheads hear that makes them go into a trance whenever these guys are on the radio (aside from the years of smoking weed).

Coldplay - Never has a more pretentious band with half-assed talent had their asses collectively kissed so much by critics. Coldplay is unfortunately the end result of what happens when promotion is controlled by the record companies. Payola is still alive and well, and these clowns had their songs played on every kind of station including rock stations that would shove those losers in between Godsmack and Breaking Benjamin. In fact, they're one of the reasons why I refuse to listen to terrestrial FM radio anymore.


the dead. I even listened to many "jam" bands for a long time...but stuff like MMW and Bela Fleck just blew the dead away. I never understood them.
/nirvana really? I still love them.


"The Doors are the most overrated band in this, and very likely any other galaxy."

Amen brother!


I 2nd or 3rd bruce springsteen..heaven help you if you're on the garden state parkway when he's playing at the PNC..you'll be stuck in concert traffic for HOURS. Totally not worth it.


This is as good a time as any to break an old nugget out:

Q: What did one Deadhead say to the other when the drugs wore off?

A: "Dude, this music SUCKS!"


I love how people get angry over stuff like this. They're musicians. It's not like somebody's come in here and said "people who are trying to cure cancer are a bunch of assholes." Making a statement like "I hate the Doors and think Jim Morrison is one of the most idiotic, drunken morons ever to be awarded the description of 'talented' in the history of recorded music" does not mean I think everyone who disagrees with me should die.

Unless you're one of those people who go to the cemetary where he's buried and vomit and vandalize graves that neighbor his. YOU should die.


Turtle, The Clash? No way man. You're fucking killing me.

Absolutely agree with Nirvana. I mean, they have some nice songs and such, but seriously. People act like they're musical gods. They're not.

Beatles? Agreed, as well, but I am not hugely familiar with them, so that could partly or mostly be ignorance. What I know, though, does very little for me.

Jay--Coldplay, shit yes. I mean, I kind of liked the first album, the second one wasn't as good, the newest one kind of sucks. But so many people think they're incredibly brilliant. I'd classify the music more as incredible boring.


here are my picks: one from the old days and one for you youngsters...

1 - rush. fucking rush dude, could've been so so so much more. i mean it's cool how everybody can play the same thing at the same time and all, but metallica does it faster and better. imagine if these three talented canucks actually played their OWN riffs. crimony now THAT would've been somethin'

2 - oasis. yick. what the fuck has the whole world gone fucking crazy? jesus is that just the same whiny song playing over and over again? at least pete doherty has kate moss... hey gallagher boys, why don't you do the world a favor and just kill each other?

3. hey that gave me a third idea.. sublime. i mean if that guy hadn't'a killed hisself NO ONE would be paying attention to this ska cover band. another GRReat reason to hate california... (as if i needed another)


I like a lot of Sublime's stuff, especially on a warm summer day, but I could definitely second them as being overrated. They're a little too revered by certain segments of the population.


I may hate the Eagles, but I have to give them props for how they broke up.

Re - Nirvana: Any band that gave us Dave Grohl cannot be overrated. And I think Cobain was a better songwriter than the Nirvana haters will ever give him credit for.


Yeah. The Doors. The Eagles. And I'll add anything involving David Crosby.


OH, they've been mentioned already here by way of comparison, but haven't yet been nominated but they OH SO FUCKING deserve it.


So overrated.


Not liking a band that other people like.
I'm pretty sure that's the definition of "musically ignorant". It all depends on who's doing the liking and who's doing the disliking.

For instance, the people up there who said Floyd are obviously musically ignorant. It's just axiomatic.

Now for me to be "musically ignorant".

First off, the Dead and Phish. I'm not saying they're not good, but the question is "overrated", and neither of them is worth traveling the country just to see them perform 8,263 times. I'm saying this as someone who has many friends who can tell you the year, tour season, venue and set when they hear one part of a song on a Dead bootleg.
Phish is the same people but Jerry died.

The other is a band that I love but whose followers can be absolutely crazy, The Doors. Definitely great, but also very overrated.

Notice I totally ignored the 80s. They're all overrated, but nobody really worships at the feet of meaningless, glam rock so they're not the most overrated.

I'll also second or third Nirvana and Pearl Jam, come back when you have 10 great albums (CDs, whatever) and we'll talk about "great".


um, yeah, i don't know even where to start. I can't separate the "bands i fucking hate" from the "bands i'm sick and fucking tired of", which to me means "over rated". If I hear another Hinder song I'm ramming the car in front of me.


I agree with quite a few listed so far.

I'll second The Clash. I go to a few music sites where the mere mention of Joe Strummer makes people orgasm all over the comment section. I just don't get it. Never clicked with me at all.

My pick:
The Ramones. Corny retro 50's gabba gabba whatthefuckever performed by 1st-year caliber musicians. Joey Ramone was an elitist tool who could barely carry a tune. Mediocrity as legend. Feh, I say.


There ain't enough room on this place for THREE TIMS! Though I would definitely join in the running cockpunch, The Clash are excellent. And the Ramones. Hey fuck you man, the Ramones.

I super hate the Eagles, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Pavement, and Metallica.


Heh heh.

Well, DinT is all about the love, he ain't no hater.

Although he does have this annoying habit of dropping into the 3rd person from time to time like Bob on that insipid tv show that Ted what's his ass grumped around on for 22 minutes a week.

But Dave digresses.

Dave is interested in what in y'alls mind constitutes "overrating"? Is it too much airplay, too much love, or too many cock-sucking articles in Rolling Stone?

For me I think it would be airplay. Bands that got a few hits on their hands and stations just wore the vinyl out. In that context, I can say a band I likes... oops...he means Dave could say a band that Dave liked (the Eagles) was completely and totally overrated. Musically talented, good vocalization and writing. Just got too much love, or so much so that they got old fast.

Another consideration has gots to be age diff. Dave likes the Stones, but seeing them live now? Total suckitude.. they play 7 tunes each with 9 minute solos, and there ain't much fun going on. But the 50+ old crowd that is there watching them just lurves it.

By contrast, an artist who's body of work Dave is not a huge fan of, Prince, puts on one hell of a good show (Dave can attest to this anecdotally from recent experience), played some kick ass music, and entertained the hell out of the crowd.

Not bad for an old man who needs hip replacement surgery.


Also, Dave meant Prince needs the hip surgery, not Dave. Dave's hips are a-ok.


Nirvana - Easily one of the most important bands of it’s time, but would have failed miserably at any other point in musical history - and I actually do like them, but they are possibly the most overrated band of the past 15+ years.

Rush - great drummer, but a diamond covered in shit is still a shitty diamond.

The Police - Godfathers of Blah

Genesis - A handful of decent, if not vaguely catchy songs, but mostly irrelevant - a slightly more talented version of The Police

Led Zeppelin - gifted musicians, but glorified D&D/Tolkien lyrics wears thin after a while

Alice in Chains - the male versions of a whiny bitch band

Yes - No.

The Doors - drug induced lyrics are not poetry; a talented band ruined by a fool.

Oasis - I’d rather have a colonoscopy than hear this tripe.

Bush - Hey Gavin - I know how to breathe, shut the fuck up already.

Most of the crap from the past decade doesn’t matter - who the hell is going to remember Nickleback, Coldplay, or Fall Out Boy 10 years from now as anything more than lame radio/Musak filler, and it’s not rock anyway ;-)

(And I'll sick a Sumatran Rat-Monkey on the next person who puts down the Ramones! They were the first to admit they weren't musicians, and proudly so!)


Not liking a band that other people like.
I'm pretty sure that's the definition of "musically ignorant". It all depends on who's doing the liking and who's doing the disliking.

For instance, the people up there who said Floyd are obviously musically ignorant. It's just axiomatic.

... the fuck does that even MEAN?

Are you saying that someone doesn't know what they're talking about because they don't like Pink Floyd?


when i hear "overrated," i think about the praise that gets heaped on a band by people i know, by music critics, radio stations, and - i don't know - random fucks at the bar who play the same shitty songs from the same shitty bands on that shitty fuckin' jukebox.

so if i'm thinking a band is overrated, then i don't think they deserve the praise.

surprised no one's mentioned Radiohead. for my money, they do for me what Floyd does for others - particularly Kid A. but you've gotta admit, people slobber over them to the point that it's annoying.


and Dok Johnson, you're goddamm right nobody asked you. nobody would even talk to you unless it was through bars or by jail phone. tell the good people here how you like that techno shit.



Dave Mathews Band. Ugg. Yuk.

Then, there's Smashing Pumpins and Rush. Yuk Yuk.


Beatles - A tough little R and B combo from the north that took tin pan alley ethics to the bank on the back of screaming kids. they were decent and made some good records but this worship of a nihilist, a ham, a misanthrope and a sweetheart is misdirected.

Eagles - They ain't that great. Not even Joe Walsh can save them. Good singles band.

Doors - Good singles band. Two Good songs: L.A. Woman and Touch me. Next!

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop, my ass. One album that took a year to make. It better be good is all i can say.

Pink Floyd - kinda cool but one good album and a handfull of songs is not "classic". a lengthy career and a mommy complex do not leg-ends make.

Pearl Jam - One good album, period. WTF happened? Who cares!

Rolling Stones - quite a few good albums from the time they broke free of having their noses up the beatles' asses to 1975, but the good work they did doesn't hold up to them deserving the title of world's greatest rock band.

The Clash - Good singles band. not much "there" there when you can't play. The Damned smoke them on a bad day. papa, don't preach!

Live - Please kill me, now.

U2 - Keith Levene, your royalties are ready. Gang of Four kicks U2's ass, baby!

Led Zeppelin - almost the #1 over rated crap of all time. some good songs, some good times but not the end all, be all. a band everyone misses the point about.

Metallica - They were never that good. a clunky drummer, a clunky rhythm guitarist, a whiny lead player and another frustrated guitarist on 4 string. they did do some good work. but the black album sucks and so did "and justice..." they are confused and so is their audience.

Aerosmith - now i wore an aerosmith belt buckle for 3 years in high school but they shouldn't be so great just by default.

Oasis? please! are you kidding?. Do you listen to music or just talk over it?

The Grateful Dead - Good 30% of the time. Not good enough.

Lou Reed - isn't rock and roll about more than the words?

Bowie - i love the thin white duke but come on, cabaret is cabaret.

Really, the triumvirate of Eagles/Zep/Floyd are the most over-rated. you could make a case for the beatles and win based on music but these three bands were ok at one point and got deified and ruined.

And name me one modern rock band that comes close to Grohl and i'll kiss your ass in the middle of main street and call it ice cream.

'nuff said. maybe. i think.


and nirvana. cobain was a great songwriter and cagey player. dave grohl was great. i'm not sure what kris novoselic was. maybe the slow friend you don't want to kick out of the band. (ouch, sorry, Krist)


oh yeah...I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I can't hold it in any longer...

The Ramones are a bunch of hacks...Rock n Roll is the bastard lovechild of Rythm and Blues...not a bunch of glue-sniffing urban punks jamming out to the Bay City Rollers...

Neil Young - I'd rather listen to two tomcats fucking in a garbage dumpster than hear this hack wail Rock and Roll Will Never Die.

Bruce Springsteen - I know he's god to a lot of Jersey folk, but his shtick has Van Morrison written all over it...

Bush - Bush = Pearljam lite...and since Pearljam is overrated as well...that makes Bush suck by default.

Motley Crüe - The only dudes into this band are the air-drummin' Tommy Lee wannabees


As long as your willing to argue about it but not get mad, I'm in. The Beatles can't be overrated, they were the first rock 'n roll band. Everything after owes them. Forget that silly shit you heard, all those other early rock bands were just test runs. Period. Rush I love, I'm arguing. Most overrated band, Elvis Costello and the Attractions or whomever else he plays with, play me a yawn. Motley Crue. The Doors is carnival music, plain and simple, but I've only met a couple of people that really liked them. The Grateful Dead sucked the suckiest suck of all sucks; purely chemically induced adoration.


The Ramones are a bunch of hacks...Rock n Roll is the bastard lovechild of Rythm and Blues...not a bunch of glue-sniffing urban punks jamming out to the Bay City Rollers...

And Punk Rock is music for people who'd rather not practice until arthritis sets in before starting a band.


The Ramones weren't hacks. they were focused like lasers and played the purest rock and roll music with heart and soul.

but hey, that's just me. what do i know? :)


Green Day needs to be on the list.


Are you saying that someone doesn't know what they're talking about because they don't like Pink Floyd?

Well, ummmmm, I'm not sure how to answer that. But no.

I'm pointing out who you like is all subjective.

The funny part? It is axiomatic that any band that is overrated will have legions of OUTRAGED!!!! fans who get all angry when you dis that band, that's part of what makes others think they're overrated.

Don't believe me? Put up a post saying David Gilmour sucks and see the reactions. (idea stolen from Mean Mr. Mustard).


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