And The Winner of Best TV Theme Is................
by FTTW Staff

This one was pretty heated. At first The Muppet Show fought it out with Super Chicken for a bit, and then some nerds went crazy voting for Battlestar Galactica and made it a real race. In the end, cooler - less geekier - heads prevailed and this theme song has gained its rightful place amongst the FTTW/TAFC Hall of Winners:


To the Battlestar Galactica voter(s): We like to keep the ability to vote more than once open because it makes the poll more fun. However, you went above and beyond, in such a way that you were taking all the fun out of it. Finding a way to cheat the system when the ability to do a little cheating is already enabled is above and beyond LAME. Remember, losers never win.

Thanks to all who nominated and voted. Final results here.

We urge to return to FTTW on Monday. We have quite the poll scheduled for then. I wont' say what it is, only that it will be a lot of fun and probably NSFW.

As always, we encourage you to leave your suggestions for future polls.



I only voted once, for the Simpsons and Sanford and Son, but I think my votes got diverted to that Sanjaya guy.


I've a suggestion for a new poll:

An insipidly stupid show that you can't help but watch...


Best instrumental rock song


Super Chicken lingers but let's not neglect the reason it's there in the first place: George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be. aaiiiiee aieeee ah, aaiiiiee aieee ah, watch out for that tree!

and tom slick too.

Buck Buck Ba-gawk!


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