A Fast One
by Matthew Chase

Here we all are again, on this hot and muggy weekend! I hope everyone has a nice cool place to be while you read your e-mails! Myself I am just having an awful time commuting to and from my full time job and making sure that ends meet until everything starts flowing like it used to. Until then I will have to keep plugging away and try to get everything, including my bills, in on time.

broke.jpg So my article will be short this week, but I am cooking up ideas for later on in the summer to keep you all interested! This week I just want to tell you about the awful time I had just this past weekend. Because I am just starting back at my job, the money is really tight, and because of this, I really didn’t have much if any real money in order to even feed myself this past weekend, let alone enough to pay for the gas (the price of which continues to soar) in order to get back home once my work week is finished. All in all the work itself was easy, the emotional stress and poor diet, (I lived off of the vending machines) caused quite a few new stress lines! I did get through it and this weekend should be a little, if not a lot better than the last.

I have been having a lot of fun reconnecting with old friends that though, for some reason I had moved really FAR away. (I am a lifer here in Vermont as far as I can tell you now, so the idea was just ridiculous!) I have also been taking my alone time here at work to really get to know what I want to happen over this summer, which promises to be a whirlwind of fun once things
get into order, the car, the home, and the finances.

My roommate has been having a great time with my video collection and this has inspired me to do an article that is really going to be fun once I sit down and do some real uncovering, and look into the topic I’m thinking of.

So bear with me over the next couple weeks, it might get a bit bumpy, but I do have plans to rejuvenate both my life and the substance of this article! Good thoughts to you all and enjoy the week!

This could go anywhere.

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