Another Change
by Matthew Chase

Hello to all of my readers this week! Just a note about last week, I began my new position at the hotel here in my new hometown! So things here are moving at quite a busy rate! Aside from all the renovations we have new neighbors here, and everyone is settling in. I work at a great place and I am getting used to the way things are run, which is a bit different than what I am used to, but not too far off the mark.

bellhop1.jpg Does everyone have issues with their place of work? I know most people do but I went to work the other day and was subject to the complete soap opera that is my new workplace. I had employees that I was supposed to be learning from speaking negatively about management and also even some of the guests!

I heard nothing but gossip and rumors from these people. Thankfully, these people also at the same time gave a notice and will only be there for a short time. I just cannot believe that this kind of behavior is coming from people working in the hospitality industry. They were talking about sex and subjects that got me to feel as though I was still in high school, overhearing a couple of fifteen year olds talking during a study period.

Does anyone else have this happen to them when they go to work? Shouldn’t those topics be better left to times when these people are NOT on the clock? There were even personal calls made to other employees in order to gossip about inter office disputes that they had no business knowing about! I spent about four hours in shock over how these people treated their place of employment with disgust, contempt, and even plain disdain. Why work for a company that you don’t like? Why vocalize this in the lobby of the very place you work? What I do know is that if I were to be in a position of power I would have dismissed all of them at once. I don’t believe they should continue to earn money while they are consistently bad mouthing everything from the building, down to the employees who work there because they like what they do.

I chose to apply to work for this new place because it is where I want to work, it’s where I like to be, and while I may not agree with all of the policies they may have, I have to accept it because I want to be employed where I applied. If I were to be as disgusted as these particular employees seem to be, I would have already left! I have ideas about how things should be run or at least could be, and I will bring those ideas to the people I am required to answer to, and either they will be accepted or not. That to me is how changes are made, by communication with those you work with. Change will not happen by sitting on a lobby couch simply bitching about what the supervisors are doing. I am used to working in a professional environment where discussions stay away from words like, SLUT, WHORE, ASSHOLE, and other words of the four letter nature.steph.JPG To begin my employment at a facility that is almost a hundred times more expensive, where the employees act like I have witnessed is just appalling to me. Does anyone else have these issues when they work?

Other than all of that my new roommate and I are doing fine aside from some little bumps in the road. I am now working five days a week as well as part time on my days off, and my roommate simply works five days a week and has his weekends off. Our Schedules are so opposing that actually we barely see one another, part of which is good, and part of which is bad. For example, I was at my job the other day when my roommate called me to ask where his pipe was. Now, I don’t mind helping out my buddy when he can’t find something, but I’d rather not have to hear about him having a party when I am not home, not to mention that when I finally do get home, nothing is going on and there is no one to talk to or even just relax with. I am mostly left to my own devices, and sometimes that can really suck. I tend to just spend time in my room with my animals and then go right back to work the next day. My goal for this summer is to save up the money to get myself a new car, and I think it might all just work out. However it might be awful frustrating until that time. I would like to be able to have a social life as well as a working life. However I don’t think that it will happen just yet. So I have got a great summer ahead of me that will be very busy, and a lot of fun. I just hope I don’t get sucked into the nastiness that I have witnessed lately. I don’t want to be bitter. I also hope that I wind up with some time free so that I can actually have a bit of fun. Because it is no fun to have all work, and no play. That makes Matthew a dull boy…HAHA! You all have a wonderful week and thank you for all your patience with me while I finish settling into my new environment! Bless you all!
Don’t worry about me, I’m a drag queen, what do I know?

Matthew doesn't talk about such things at work, but it's all he talks about at home.

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Some people aren't happy unless they are complaining... those guys will be just as unhappy at their next job.


Hey - thought I'd give you a heads up. I'm moving to Burlington next weekend with my boyfriend, then to Ohio at the end of September.

Good luck with the new job.


Bad-mouthing your place of work and anything/one in it while at work is called "Insubordination" and they can all be fired for it.


Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! wkjvzalwsq


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